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Customize Your Golf Cart Style with Vinyl Wraps

Golf cart wraps allow owners to customize their carts with cool designs, colors, and finishes. Learn about the wrapping process from design to install for unique cart style.

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Customizing Your Golf Cart with Wraps

Golf carts have come a long way from the utilitarian vehicles used strictly for getting around the course. Nowadays, golf carts are a way for owners to express their personal style and showcase their personality. One of the most popular methods for customizing a golf cart is by wrapping it in custom vinyl.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Golf Cart

Wraps offer many advantages over repainting when it comes to customizing your golf cart:

  • Wraps are easier to apply and remove versus paint
  • They allow for full creative customization with colors, images, patterns and more
  • Wraps protect the original paint and body of the golf cart
  • Different finishes like gloss, matte, or satin can be used
  • Wraps are cost-effective when updating the look of your cart

Popular Golf Cart Wrap Ideas

Some popular golf cart wrap concepts that owners request include:

  • Camo designs
  • School colors and mascots
  • Local sports team themes
  • Nature landscapes or patterns
  • Solid color changes, especially matte finishes
  • Digital printed photos and imagery
  • Custom text or logos

With wrap film technologies improving more realistic photographic images and finishes are possible. The options are endless when having your golf cart wrapped.

Golf Cart Wrap Process


The first step is coming up with the visual design you want for your wrapped golf cart. Work with a wrapping specialist who can help translate your vision into a viable wrap format. Custom graphics can be created from scratch, or you can provide images to be incorporated into the design. The specialist will layout the wrap plan showing what the finished cart will look like from all angles.

Prep Work

Properly preparing the golf cart surface is crucial for wraps to adhere correctly. The cart will be cleaned to remove any dirt, oil or wax. Any body damage will be repaired, and surface scratches prepped. Proper preparation ensures maximum performance from the wrap without issues like bubbles, lifting or premature wear.


Once the design is completed and approve and surface prepped, the wrapping specialist will meticulously apply each panel of vinyl film. The vinyl is removed from the backing paper and smoothed into place working from the center outward to minimize air bubbles. Care is taken around contours, seams and edges so no signs of transition show. Most cart wraps can be completed in 1-2 days.

Finish & Protection

When installation is complete, any excess vinyl is trimmed. A heat gun is used to form-fit the wrap around curved or irregular surfaces. The specialist will look over every inch of the cart for any imperfections before consider it finished. An application can be used to protect the finish against elements like sun fading. Your personalize golf cart is ready to show off!

Maintaining Your Wrap

While vinyl wraps are durable and made to last 5-7 years outdoors, proper care is recommended:

  • Wash regularly with soap and water to prevent buildup
  • Inspect wrap for lifting or damage periodically
  • Avoid parking under trees or brush that could scratch it
  • Re-apply protective sealant every 2 years
  • Remove fluid spills quickly to prevent staining
  • Consider garage storage to minimize sun exposure

By caring for your custom wrap, you???ll keep your golf cart looking amazing for years of cruising the course in style.


What golf cart models can be wrapped?

Most major golf cart brands and models including Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha can be wrapped. Both gas and electric carts work. The wrapping specialist will inspect your specific cart to confirm.

Can I still drive my cart while it’s being wrapped?

No. The wrapping process requires your golf cart to be out of operation for 1-2 days. Plan accordingly if you require daily transportation.

How long does a typical wrap last?

With proper care and maintenance, a quality vinyl vehicle wrap will last 5-7 years outdoors before needing replacement.

Can I wrap my cart myself?

Wrapping a golf cart is very challenging for DIYers. The intricate process and techniques are best left to experienced wrapping professionals for flawless, long-lasting results.

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