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Inside Look at the Vice Pro Zero Golf Balls

Vice Golf partnered with aerodynamic experts to design the Vice Pro Zero golf ball with 342 dimples for superior performance. Get the inside scoop.

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An Inside Look at the Vice Pro Zero Golf Balls

Golf balls may seem simple from the outside, but there is actually complex engineering involved in their design. The latest release from Vice Golf - the Vice Pro Zero - exemplifies this through innovative construction meant to deliver exceptional performance.

Vice Golf's Quest for the Perfect Golf Ball

Vice Golf was founded in 2012 by two young German entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the high prices of premium golf balls. They set out on a mission to produce tour-quality equipment that real golfers could afford.

The company started out selling recycled Pro V1s and Pro V1xs, but soon expanded into designing their own models. The focus has always been on mastering golf ball manufacturing to optimize cost, quality and performance.

Over the years, Vice Golf has dialed in high-grade Surlyn covers, advanced mantles and large-core designs. Their R&D team is constantly fine-tuning dimple patterns and compression rates in the never-ending search for longer drives and better control.

The Vice Pro Zero Breakthrough

The latest milestone is the 4-piece Vice Pro Zero. Calling it tour-caliber would be an understatement - Vice Golf partnered with aerodynamics experts to develop a 342-dimple pattern said to be superior to the Pro V1.

But how can a small German upstart possibly compete with the R&D budgets of established names like Titleist and TaylorMade? Simple - focus on quality instead of marketing.

Vice Golf puts money into advanced production methods rather than flashy commercials. The Vice Pro Zero exemplifies this no-nonsense approach to building a better golf ball without the markup.

Inside the Vice Pro Zero's 4-Piece Design

Cutting open a new Vice Pro Zero reveals just how much technology is packed inside. It may resemble a basic white ball from the outside, but inside it's a different story.

At the core is a large dual-energy sphere optimized for fast ball speeds. Surrounding this is a soft DuPont HPF mantle layer meant to amplify velocity and increase spin on full swing shots.

The next part is a firmer DuPont HPF outer mantle closer to the Surlyn cover. The blend of materials helps reduce driver spin while providing 7,600+ rpm wedge spin around the greens.

And speaking of the cover, Vice Golf utilizes premium Surlyn blends chosen for their perfect balance of soft feel and high durability. It's also UV-resistant to prevent yellowing over time.

Superior Aerodynamics from 342 Symmetric Dimples

But what really sets the Vice Pro Zero apart is the meticulously designed dimple pattern. The experts at Vice Golf performed advanced computer simulations before arriving at the optimal configuration.

There are a total of 342 dimples covering about 83% of the surface area. By keeping them shallow and circular, Vice Golf achieved a symmetrical pattern that maintains consistent ball flight even in windy conditions.

Each dimple has the ideal depth and diameter to reduce drag. This allows the balls to pierce through the air easily for phenomenal distance.

Putting the Vice Pro Zero to the Test

Technical specifications and fancy marketing campaigns are nice, but what really matters is performance out on the course. Vice Golf had real golfers test prototypes during development to finalize the design.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding distance and accuracy. Golfers could shape any type of shot with ease while experiencing lower sidespin and longer carries.

Around the greens, the urethane cover grips well on partial wedges while providing the responsiveness needed for perfect pitches and chip shots. And on long putts, the Pro Zero rolls smooth and true right into the hole.

Affordable Tour Performance

So what do authentic tour-quality golf balls cost? $50-60 per dozen? More? Golfers got used to paying premium prices, but things are changing.

Vice Golf sells the Vice Pro Zero direct-to-consumer for just $35 per dozen. Cutting out the middlemen means passing substantial cost savings to customers.

The bottom line - if you want four-piece balls engineered for peak performance at an unbeatable value, the Vice Pro Zeros are a no-brainer. Dial in your game and save money at the same time.


What is special about the Vice Pro Zero golf balls?

The Vice Pro Zero features a 4-piece construction with an advanced 342-dimple design optimized for distance and control. Vice Golf partnered with aerodynamics experts to develop superior dimple symmetry and shape.

How does Vice Golf keep prices so low?

Vice Golf focuses investment on advanced manufacturing methods rather than big marketing budgets. Selling direct-to-consumer also cuts costs by removing middlemen distributors.

How does the Vice Pro Zero perform vs the Pro V1?

Independent testing shows the Vice Pro Zero matches or exceeds the Pro V1 in metrics like ball speed, wedge spin and wind resistance. But it sells for about $35 per dozen instead of $50-60.

What is inside the multi-layer core?

The dual-energy core is soft in the center for speed but firms up towards the edge for reduced driver spin. DuPont HPF mantle layers also fine-tune spin and velocity.

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