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PGA Tour Head Responds to Rahm's Shock LIV Move

PGA Tour Head Responds to Rahm's Shock LIV Move

Many in the golf industry were taken aback when world No. 1 Jon Rahm defected to the contentious LIV Golf series towards the end of the previous year. However, Joe Ogilvie, the players' director for the PGA Tour, claims that Rahm's decision to join the league supported by Saudi Arabia was premeditated in order to incite conflict in the current power struggle between the PGA and LIV tours.


In a recent interview with Golfweek, Ogilvie called Rahm's transfer to LIV a "shocking" and "definitely a shot across the bow" as the tours remain locked in a bitter feud. Rahm had hinted his mega-money deal with LIV could help facilitate peace talks, but six months on there has been little progress towards reconciliation between the two circuits.


"It doesn't [appear Rahm's move expedited talks]," said Ogilvie. "It was a negotiating tactic to take a player like Jon, and for Jon to go."


Ogilvie, who sits on the board of the PGA Tour's commercially-driven enterprise, also weighed in on speculation about US Open champion Patrick Cantlay's influence within tour leadership. While acknowledging Cantlay "carries a lot of weight" when he does speak up, Ogilvie downplayed suggestions the star wields too much control.


"I've read what's been said, about he's controlling the board and all that kind of stuff. I don't want to say it's wildly inaccurate, but I would say it's very inaccurate," stated Ogilvie.


It's evident that the aftermath from Rahm's shocking action and the emergence of voices like Cantlay continues to influence the power dynamics in pro golf's continuing civil war, while talks between the tours remain impassed.


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What are the most common reactions from fans on social media?



Many fans are disappointed to see Rahm leave the PGA Tour. As one of the top talents, his absence will be felt.



At the same time, fans recognize the huge financial incentives that would be difficult to turn down. They understand why he made the move.


Concerns for Golf

There are worries Rahm's defection could start a trend, weakening the PGA Tour over time. Fans want to see the top players competing against each other.


Mixed Emotions

Most fans seem to have complex feelings - sad to see him go but also sympathetic to the money side. It's a situation with good arguments on both sides.


Debating the Legacy

Fans debate if Rahm's participation in LIV will influence how he is regarded in the long run, as well as his place in history with golf's greatest.


Follow the Future Fallout

There is a sense of anticipation about how professional golf will evolve and which players may or may not transfer tours in the future years.





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