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MacIntyre Triumphs at Canadian Open with Dad as Caddie

MacIntyre Triumphs at Canadian Open with Dad as Caddie

Robert MacIntyre had extra reason to celebrate after winning the RBC Canadian Open - his dad Dougie was on the bag.


Robert MacIntyre with dad Dougie after victory at the RBC Canadian Open (Photo: AP)


Starting the final round with a four shot lead, Robbie shot a steady two-under 68 to edge Ben Griffin by one stroke and claim his maiden PGA Tour victory.


"Goose bumps. It's incredible," MacIntyre said. "It's a dream of mine to play golf for a living. It's been a dream of mine to win on the PGA Tour. ... I just can't believe I done it with my dad on the bag. The guy's taught me the way I play golf."


The emotional Scotsman couldn't believe he'd achieved his dream of winning on the world's top circuit with his father as caddie. Dad taught him the game from a young age, so to share this special moment made it even more memorable.


In tense closing holes, MacIntyre had to dig deep as Griffin charged. But steady putting saw him seal the deal in fitting style. The 27-year-old beamed afterwards, thrilled to triumph in just his 45th Tour start.


Unsung hero Dougie, a grass cutter by trade, was left stunned by his son's success. "Unbelievable," he gasped, proud as punch to play a part on the bag.


Earlier this year, Robbie was part of Europe's Ryder Cup winning team. Now he's a Tour champion too, boosting his world ranking after a breakthrough season.


With dad beside him every step, MacIntyre made the perfect father-son dream come true in Canada. Their bond underlines why family support remains vital to any sports star's success.



How did Dougie MacIntyre influence Robert's strategy during the tournament?


Dougie MacIntyre was huge for Robbie out there. His dad taught him everything he knows about golf - his swing, how to approach each course, keeping calm between shots. All those years of lessons really paid off now that Robbie's a pro.


And it wasn't just the technical stuff. Dougie was a greenskeeper himself back in the day, so he knew these courses like the back of his hand. Lugging the bag during the rounds, he could give Robbie instant feedback on shots and which way to go. That kind of guidance on the fly took Robbie's game up a level.


But I think Dougie's biggest contribution was keeping Robbie steady under pressure. The bond they've built through a lifetime of golf together kept Robbie focused when it mattered most. Knowing his number one fan had his back out there let Robbie loosen up even when he was in the mix.


When it comes down to it, Dougie brought everything Robbie needed. He gave him the skills to execute and the smarts to optimize each hole. But more than anything, Dougie made Robbie believe in himself with his unshakable support. That all-around help is what allowed Robbie to rise to the occasion on his biggest stage yet. Dad Dougie came through huge for his boy.


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