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Peter Millar Golf Shirts - History, Fabrics, and Key Benefits

Learn about Peter Millar's origins and rise to become a top golf apparel brand. Discover their technical innovations in performance golf shirt fabrics and why their shirts stand out.

Peter Millar Golf Shirts - History, Fabrics, and Key Benefits
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The History and Evolution of Peter Millar Golf Shirts

Peter Millar has become one of the most recognizable names in high-end golf apparel over the past few decades. The brand was founded in 2001 in Raleigh, North Carolina by Scott Mahoney and Peter Millar. The founders set out to fill a gap they saw in the golf clothing market - the lack of refined, versatile pieces that could seamlessly transition from the course to the office or dinner out.

Early Beginnings Focused on Golf Shirts

Peter Millar's first offerings focused on polo shirts and other golf apparel. The hallmark of Peter Millar's style was combining performance fabrics and athletic cuts expected on the course with more tailored, sophisticated silhouettes. This allowed the wearer to look and feel their best whether they were working on their swing or meeting clients for a business dinner.

Early product lines centered around polo shirts made from high-end pique cotton, unique merino wool blends, and technical polyester fabrics. The shirts were designed to be lightweight and breathable, with enhanced stretch and mobility. Details like tartan plackets and signature crown logo buttons added preppy yet elegant stylistic flair.

Expansion into Shorts, Pants, and Other Golf Attire

As the Peter Millar brand grew, so did the product offerings. Expanding beyond polos, Peter Millar began making high-performance shorts and pants specifically for golfers. The shorts and pants utilized technical fabrics with plenty of stretch to allow complete freedom of movement. At the same time, clean silhouettes and sophisticated colors and patterns helped the pieces look just as refined off the greens.

In addition to shirts, shorts and pants, Peter Millar also produces sweaters, vests, jackets and other golf attire. There is also an extensive line of accessories like belts, hats, gloves and golf shoes. The hallmark of all Peter Millar gear is clothes that perform and endure on the course but have the refined versatility for life beyond the links.

Peter Millar's Innovation in Golf Shirt Fabrics and Technology

A key part of Peter Millar's success has been constant innovation with technical golf shirt fabrics that push the boundaries of performance while retaining upscale appeal.

Luxury Pique Polos

Peter Millar utilizes luxe, ultra-fine cotton pique to create polos with enhanced breathability and comfort. The cotton offers easy care and stretches in four directions for unrestricted movement. Small details like hand-sewn mother-of-pearl buttons and tailored arm sleeves give the polos a clean, refined look.

Australian Merino Wool Shirts

Peter Millar also incorporates premium Australian Merino wool into golf shirts and sweaters. The wool wicks moisture, resists odors, and offers temperature regulating properties ideal for golf. And the fine Merino fibers ensure a luxuriously soft hand against the skin. Peter Millar's merino pieces are perfect year-round and keep their good looks wear after wear.

Ultra-Lightweight Performance Polos

In their performance polo lineup, Peter Millar utilizes ultra-lightweight technical polyester fabrics. These shirts are exceptionally breathable to stay cool on hot days. Four-way stretch and tailored arm sleeves promote full mobility. Anti-odor treatments prevent smelly bacteria from growing. And UV resistance protects from the sun's harmful rays. Peter Millar's performance polos have all the technical attributes serious golfers need.

Why Peter Millar Golf Shirts are a Cut Above

There are many reasons discerning golfers choose Peter Millar golf shirts and apparel over other brands. A few of the standout reasons include:

Unrivaled Quality and Craftsmanship

Every Peter Millar garment features impeccable stitching, perfectly set buttons and collar, and neatly hemmed edges. Meticulous quality checks ensure no loose threads, gaps, uneven seams or other flaws. Simply put, Peter Millar shirts and shorts are expertly crafted and endure years of play.

Versatile Attire That Transitions Seamlessly

A hallmark of Peter Millar gear is the ability to transition effortlessly from course to everyday life. The classic yet athletic cuts, timeless patterns and colors, and technical stretch fabrics make their apparel refined and versatile for work, dinner, travel and more once the clubs are stored away.

Consistent Innovation to Enhance Play

Peter Millar is constantly utilizing innovative new fabrics to enhance performance, comfort, mobility and care. From premium pima cotton, merino wool and technical poly to proprietary blends, Peter Millar apparel keeps golfers at the top of their game shot after shot.

With over 20 years' experience outfitting golfers, Peter Millar has cemented itself as the gold standard brand for high-end golf apparel that seamlessly transitions into everyday refinement. Discover their full collection of polos, pants, shorts, sweaters, vests, shoes and accessories to look and feel your best whenever and wherever the day takes you.


Where are Peter Millar golf shirts made?

Peter Millar golf shirts are crafted at various high-quality factories around the world, including in Italy, Peru, Canada and the USA. Their shirts consistently adhere to Peter Millar's strict quality control standards.

What fabrics are used in Peter Millar golf shirts?

Peter Millar golf shirts utilize premium fabrics like pique cotton, merino wool, technical polyester and proprietary blends. These fabrics are ultra-breathable, moisture wicking, stretchy and quick drying.

Do Peter Millar shirts require any special washing method?

Most Peter Millar golf shirts can be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. Avoid bleach and iron only if needed on low heat. Some merino wool pieces should be dry cleaned only.

What is Peter Millar's return/exchange policy?

Peter Millar offers free returns within 60 days. Unworn items with tags attached can be returned for a full refund or exchange. Worn items may get an exchange or Peter Millar credit based on condition.

Where can someone buy Peter Millar golf apparel?

Peter Millar golf gear is sold on their website, in their retail stores, at premium golf and country clubs, and from select online and in-store retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and more.

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