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Wesley Bryan Sinks outrageous 144 yard Putt, Breaking World Record

Wesley Bryan Sinks outrageous 144 yard Putt, Breaking World Record

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PGA Tour pro Wesley Bryan has set an unofficial world record for the longest putt in golf history. In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Bryan drained an incredible 144-yard putt on the practice green.


The previous record of 401 feet (approximately 121 yards) was held by Jay Stocki. However, Bryan smashed through that mark with his latest trick shot feat filmed alongside his brother George Bryan.


From well inside the fairway of a golf course, Bryan took a full swing with his putter and launched his ball over 130 yards of green before it rolled all the way to the cup and dropped in. The video footage proves the improbable putt was holed in one attempt without assistance from winds or slopes on the green.



While the exact measurement of 144 yards (432 feet) won't be recognized by Guinness World Records since there was no official adjudicator present, the video evidence leaves no doubt that Bryan has claim to the longest putt ever made. His attempt surpasses the previous record by over 23 yards.


The feat is made even more impressive by the use of a putter for the attempt rather than a wedge or long iron that may impart more spin and distance. Bryan had to rely purely on the speed of his stroke to carry the ball so far.


The incredible trick shot is just the latest in a long line of viral videos by Bryan and his brother, who were early pioneers in golf entertainment content on YouTube over a decade ago. Currently on the PGA Tour, Bryan finished runner-up D.R. on the PGA Tour in April while George made his first PGA Tour cut last November. 


With shots like these in his arsenal, the Bryan Brothers look set to continue dominating the world of golf challenges and bringing new levels of excitement to the internet with their jaw-dropping trickery.


How did the Bryan Bros start their YouTube channel


Wes and George have always been messing around with crazy golf shots for as long as I can remember. They grew up playing competitive junior golf in South Carolina and even in college at USC, they were always experimenting with new tricks.


One day in early 2014, Wes was scrolling through YouTube and came across this video of some guys at a driving range doing collaboration shots. It looked like they were just mucking around and having a laugh with it. Wes thought it was hilarious.


He goes to George "Man, these guys are joking around. We should film some of the shots we do." George was down. They grabbed a basic camera and headed to the course.


The video came out pretty well for just messing around so they posted it on Instagram and Facebook. People started sharing it and before they knew it, it was getting a bit of attention. That's when they decided to make an actual YouTube channel, which they launched on March 15, 2014.


Over the next few months, their videos really took off. One with a GoPro blew up especially big. Their shots looked real technical rather than just lucky trickery. By fall, they had become pretty huge in the golf trick shot world online.


It provided a fun break for the guys too since they were still grinding out on the pro tours. In the off seasons especially they'd ramp up video production. And here we are today with their massive Bryan Bros following! Crazy to think it all started from them jokingly deciding to film themselves mucking around.



Some of George Bryan's most memorable shots


Hole-in-One from the Basketball Court - In one of their early viral videos, George drained an ace while standing on a basketball court and hitting over buildings between him and the green.


Shot off a Moving Car - As a car drove away from George, he pitched a ball that rolled toward the hole and fell in, showing his incredible feel for distances.


Between-the-Legs Shot - With his back facing the hole, George launched a shot between his legs that caught just enough spin to drop for an improbable birdie.


Golf Ball Juggle Shot - A highlight reel-worthy moment where George juggled three balls before launching one straight into the cup from 100+ yards away.


Volley Ball Golf - George aced the shot by volleying a golf ball with his foot off a half-volley ball sitting on a tee, lofting it perfectly.


Two-Club Shot Behind The Back - Using two hybrids simultaneously but behind his back, George holed an air shot from the fairway.


Ace Off A Billboard - George’s towering drive from atop a multi-story billboard near the green found the bottom of the cup.


Golf Ball Grenade - For a Call of Duty-inspired shot, George lobbed a ball with backspin that exploded mid-air unleashing four more balls toward the pin.






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