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Xander Schauffele admits LIV talks, criticizes Monahan's leadership

Xander Schauffele admits LIV talks, criticizes Monahan's leadership

Reigning PGA Champion Xander Schauffele has admitted to holding talks with the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, while also strongly criticizing PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan's leadership during the ongoing feud between the tours.


In an interview with The Times, the Olympic gold medalist and world No. 2 confirmed he "had to at least sit down and listen to what was being offered" by LIV officials. However, Schauffele said once he realized it did not fit with his career vision, the discussions "just fizzled out."


While opting to remain loyal to the PGA Tour so far, Schauffele has been vocal with his frustration towards Monahan. The American took particular issue with how the commissioner did not "stand up for players" or "protect" them as the LIV threat grew.


Schauffele said golfers need "a leader" and "commander-in-chief" who can provide direction and stability during turbulent times. But he feels Monahan has failed to fulfill that role for PGA Tour members.


"I’ve criticised Jay in the past, but the fact is not once has our commander-in-chief stood up for all of us players and said, ‘This is happening, this is where we’re going,’ and protected us, basically. He didn’t take a stand when anyone left, he didn’t come out to the public and face the music, none of that.


"Historically in tough situations you need a strong leader who can make the big waves smaller and make us feel better about what we’re doing," Schauffele stated. "Right now, we don’t have that."


His comments come after Monahan was forced into a shocking policy U-turn last month, agreeing a framework with LIV's Saudi backers after heavy criticism for banning rebels.


While staying loyal so far, Schauffele's remarks underline the work Monahan faces to repair trust from players as golf's factional war rages on.



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What are the main reasons Xander Schauffele decided to stay with the PGA Tour?


From what it sounds like, Xander was definitely intrigued by what LIV was offering him money-wise. I'm sure they were throwing crazy cash at him.


But after thinking about it, he realized joining LIV just wasn't a good fit for how he saw his career playing out long-term. The PGA Tour schedule and tournaments all these years have been perfect for him.

Plus, Xander bleeds PGA Tour. He's loyal to the circuit that's been his home since the beginning. Leaving for LIV would have felt like a slap in the face after rising up the ranks.


Most of all, you can tell the guy just loves being out there competing week to week against the best guys. Playing in the majors is his dream, and he knew the PGA Tour was his best bet to keep livin' that dream.


So when it came down to it, while the dollars from LIV looked nice, staying put on the PGA Tour just made the most sense for Xander and where he wants to take his game. Sometimes you gotta follow your heart over the money.


Xander Schauffele won the PGA Championship last month





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