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Charley Hull Reinvents the Club Twirl with Viral Video

Charley Hull Reinvents the Club Twirl with Viral Video

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I've gotta give it to Charley Hull - that gal sure knows how to entertain out on the golf course! Over the weekend at the Dow Championship, she was up to her viral antics again. But this time, instead of lighting up a post-round smoke like she's infamous for, Charley treated us to something I've never seen before.


We're all familiar with Tiger Woods' classic around-the-body twirl. It's as iconic a move as there is in the game. But Hull decided to put her own creative spin on it after a shot during Sunday's round. She swung the shaft laterally from her left side before whipping it around behind her back - a move no one had ever seen before.



Golf fans who witnessed the stunning display on social media were left in awe over the innovative creativity and precision required to pull off such a tricky twirl.


When asked after her round about where the idea came from, Hull said she had been experimenting with different twirling techniques and felt inspired to try something truly unique.  All I can say is, signature move or not, Charley Hull is definitely one to watch both on and off the course. 


While Hull tied for T-5 in the team event with Georgia Hall, won by Ruoning Yin and Atthaya Thitikul, she undoubtedly earned another victory with sports fans. Clips of her sidewinder twirl have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online. Charley continues to earn a reputation as one of the most exciting personalities in golf today, wowing crowds both with her talent and flare on the course. With moves like this, it's no wonder she often steals the spotlight. 


She may not have won this week, but she stole the show with that innovative club twirl. This gal is just must-see TV anytime she tees it up!







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