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This "Hawk Tuah" Thing is Getting Out of Hand

Last Updated: July, 2 2024
This "Hawk Tuah" Thing is Getting Out of Hand

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Man, the folks out on the pro golf circuit have witnessed some wild scenes over the years. From your standard "mashed potatoes" and "get in the hole" shouts to more unhinged antics, fans definitely keep things interesting. But this latest trend taking over tournaments has me scratching my head - what's with all the "Hawk Tuah" yelling?!


If you don't know what ‘Hawk Tuah’ is, it's a meme that started blowing up on TikTok as a funny sound effect meant to mimic spitting. Next thing you know, every other video online was using it. Then before you know it, these fans are importing it straight to the courses!


At the Travelers Championship on the PGA Tour last week, people swore up and down they heard someone screeching "Hawk Tuah" after every shot.




Even made its way across the Atlantic to LIV Golf's debut event. Videos showed people losing it and hooting the phrase as soon as Bryson DeChambeau or whoever crushed a drive.



Don't get me wrong, incorporating new internet jokes into live sports can be amusing. But it was pretty clear pretty quick that this one wore out its welcome. All the top golf reporters and fans I know online were roasting it hard by the end of the week. Even proposing some vigilante justice for anyone who wouldn't shut up about "Hawk Tuah" going forward!


Only real time will tell if this thing has legs or fades into the meme graveyard like so many before it. Guess we'll see if tournament directors step in or fans move on to the next quirky catchphrase. For now, pro golf sure has been overrun by this bizarre new "Hawk Tuah" fad. Not sure if I can handle it becoming a regular thing!






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With a background in digital media and a passion for golf culture, Emily scours the internet and PGA/LPGA tour circuits for the most entertaining, shocking, and bizarre stories about professional golfers. She is skilled at curating viral golf content, from Instagram antics to tournament controversies, and turning them into shareable, humorous articles. Her readers appreciate her ability to find the fun and humor in the world of elite golf.

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