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Reasons Behind The Environmental Protest Causes Disruption at Travelers Championship

Reasons Behind The Environmental Protest Causes Disruption at Travelers Championship

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A protest by an environmental group caused a 15-minute delay during the final round of the Travelers Championship on Sunday. Several protesters stormed the course at TPC River Highlands in Connecticut and climbed up the flagpoles at the 15th hole while displaying banners with messages about climate change.


Police responded and removed the protesters from the area, arresting them. Tournament operations eventually resumed and play was able to continue. However, the incident drew attention to the reasons behind the demonstration.


It has since been reported that the protesters belonged to the organization Extinction Rebellion, a direct action group that utilizes civil disobedience to promote government action on climate change and environmental issues.


A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion stated that the protest at the Travelers Championship was aimed at highlighting the environmental impact of large spectator events like golf tournaments. They argued such events contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption through transportation, facilities, concessions and more.



While they did not want to harm the athletes or spectators, Extinction Rebellion said they felt it was important to seize the spotlight of a televised final round to bring awareness to their message. The group said they had reached out to both PGA Tour officials and Travelers Championship organizers in advance but felt compelled to take further action when their concerns were not adequately addressed.


PGA Tour and tournament officials condemned the on-course disruption but acknowledged people's right to peacefully protest important issues. Police said charges against the protesters would be limited to trespassing given there were no injuries.


The incident provided a glimpse into the growing climate activism movement and its willingness to utilize disruption tactics at high-profile sporting events to amplify calls for environmental reform. It remains to be seen if such protests could become more commonplace going forward.


Scottie Scheffler witnessed the disruption from the 15th fairway, where he was preparing to play his second shot. The 28-year-old American entered the final round with a one-stroke lead as he sought his victory of the season.


Credit: AP

Scottie Scheffler, center, poses with his baby son Bennett and his wife Meredith, left, along with his parents.







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