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Biden and Trump Spar Over Age But Find Common Ground on Golf

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Biden and Trump Spar Over Age But Find Common Ground on Golf

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In their latest debate ahead of the 2024 presidential election, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump addressed some of the biggest concerns voters have - their advanced age and whether they are fit to serve if elected again.


When asked directly how they would reassure Americans that they are healthy enough at 81 and 78 respectively, the candidates fell back on familiar defenses. Biden referenced his lengthy political career that began when he was just 30 years old. “I spent half my career being criticized being the youngest person in politics.” “And now I’m the oldest." He took a shot at Trump by saying "this guy is three years younger, and a lot less competent."


Trump claimed that he "aced" cognitive tests and questioned whether Biden could do the same. He also touted his physical fitness, saying "We knock on wood wherever we may have wood that I’m in very good health."



However, the most unexpected part of their answers came when golf unexpectedly became a common talking point. Trump boasted about his golf skills, saying "I just won two club championships" and that voters should doubt Biden's abilities because "He can’t hit a ball 50 yards."


Biden fired back that he would be open to a "driving contest" with Trump. He stated his golf handicap was a 6 when Vice President, implying he is still an avid player. Biden challenged Trump by saying "I’m happy to play golf with you, if you carry your own bag. Think you can do it?"


The exchange turned more tense as Trump dismissed Biden's claim of a 6 handicap as "the biggest lie." Biden maintained he was actually an 8.


“Let’s not act like children,” Mr. Trump added.


While the candidates attacked each other's golf games, the lighthearted debate about their favorite sport also showed a small area of common ground between the two longtime rivals. It remained unclear if either candidate directly convinced voters of their mental and physical fitness through golf boasts or otherwise. The question of age will likely continue to loom large over the 2024 race.


What were the most memorable moments from the debate


When pushed on concerns about their age, both men resorted to familiar tactics. Biden referenced past accomplishments but his voice sounded weak. Trump touted tests he took, though his challenges felt boastful. Neither truly eased listeners' worries.


It was hard seeing Biden struggle at moments. As an admirer of his career, I want to believe he's able. But the hoarse voice and difficulty staying crisp raise real questions. His performance hasn't helped as much as I hoped.


The abortion debate brought out strong emotions. While I support choice, Trump's claims shocked me and Biden rightly stood up for women. Facts will matter to voters on such a sensitive issue.


Things took a painful turn when Trump attacked Biden's late son. As a father, I cringed at the lack of empathy. Biden understandably fired back fiercely, reminding us of their bitter past. The raw feelings were clear.


Admittedly, I chuckled at the golf discussion - their competitive spirit shown through. Yet it also distracted from the serious issues. As citizens, we deserve unvarnished policies, not games of one-upmanship between two aging rivals.


In the end, both left doubts unresolved for many watching like me. I hope in future debates they can rise above targeting each other and focus on leading a divided people. We need reassurance, notrerunsof their long-running feud. Our country deserves the best.







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