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New 'Fitz Grip' Sweeping Professional Golf Tours

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
New 'Fitz Grip' Sweeping Professional Golf Tours

A novel putting grip technique known as the "Fitz Grip" is gaining popularity on professional golf tours around the world, according to sources.


The Fitz Grip, as it has been dubbed, involves players extending their lead hand's index finger straight down the grip of the putter rather than curling it over the other fingers as is more traditional.


Scott Taetsch/PGA of America


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The grip's namesake is English golf star Matt Fitzpatrick, believed to be the first professional to adopt this unconventional style. Fitzpatrick developed one of the tour's smoothest putting strokes using the Fitz Grip.


Stars like Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Nick Taylor and Danny Willett have joined Fitzpatrick in employing the grip change on the greens.


Coach and putting instructor Bill Smittle said the benefits of the Fitz Grip include locking the putting stroke and keeping both forearms aligned for better control and consistency.


The fingers are kept straighter, activating forearm muscles to prevent unwanted wrist movement during the stroke. Some players are able to relax their right hand grip as a result.



While an uncommon sight just a year ago, dozens of tour pros from both the PGA and LPGA Tours have made the switch in recent months based on its effectiveness.


Fitzpatrick's success using the grip is believed to have inspired many others to try it. Only time will tell if the trend spreads further among amateurs worldwide seeking an edge on the greens.



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Fitz Grip can help a golfer's putting:


Locks the putter firmly in the lead hand. This promotes better control and coordination as the putter and lead arm move as one unit during the stroke.


Improves forearm alignment. By extending the lead finger straight down the grip, it helps position both forearms in a more neutrally aligned posture.


Activates stabilizing muscles in the forearm. This provides more strength and structure to prevent unwanted movements like wrist hinging or collapsing during the putting stroke.


Strengthens the lead wrist. The engaged forearm muscles make it harder for the lead wrist to bend or break down through impact. This helps maintain proper putterface alignment.


Simplifies the right hand. With the left hand and forearm firmly in control, some players can relax their right hand grip style if needed. This removes excess tension from the right side.


Consistent stroke mechanics. The stability elements of the Fitz Grip can promote repeating the same pendulum-like motion time after time, increasing muscle memory.


Psychological benefits. Just believing this newer technique provides an advantage could boost confidence over the ball for those trying the Fitz Grip.






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