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Giant Alligator Caught on Camera Enjoying Fish Feast on Florida Golf Course

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Giant Alligator Caught on Camera Enjoying Fish Feast on Florida Golf Course

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A golfer at Florida golf course recently captured incredible footage of a massive alligator enjoying a sizable fish lunch right on the fairways.


Chris Harris, who was playing a round at the course located near wetland areas known to be inhabited by alligators, came upon the unexpected scene at the turn between the 9th and 10th holes. That's when he spotted the giant reptile in shallow water near the edge of the course.



To Harris' surprise, the alligator had caught itself a hefty meal - a large fish that it was happily snapping away at. In the video Harris recorded on his phone, the alligator can be seen clutching the flailing fish in its powerful jaws and repeatedly chomping down. The sounds of crunching bones and tearing flesh can be clearly heard despite the distance between Harris and the feeding gator.


At estimated to be over 10 feet in length, the large alligator showed no fear in enjoying its fishy snack out in the open on the golf course. While such encounters are not unheard of on Florida courses near alligator habitats, it's still a rare sight to see one of the apex predators feeding so brazenly.


Harris wisely kept his distance but was able to get some clear footage of the incident. He said the whole episode served as a reminder for golfers in gator country to stay vigilant and give any spotted reptiles a wide berth, especially near water hazards and wet areas on the course.


The dramatic video, which Harris posted on social media, has since gone viral. It offers a glimpse into the power and ferocity of Florida's native carnivorous reptiles as they claim their place at the top of the food chain even amidst human recreation areas.


What other wildlife is commonly seen on Florida golf courses


Virginia Allain


Birds: Water hazards and grassy parts of courses are often home to species such as egrets, herons, ducks, and other songbirds.


Deer: White-tailed deer browse the greenery on many golf courses. In rare cases, if their population is large, they may become a nuisance.


Turtles: Around ponds and lakes, sliders and other species of turtles sunbathe on logs or rocks. Some might walk onto the fairways.


Snakes: Common inhabitants include non-venomous snakes such as garter, king, and rat snakes. There are cottonmouths and copperheads as well, though they are less common.


Lizards: Skinks, anoles, and other small lizards live amid the trees and vegetation. Green iguanas have also been observed walking onto courses.


Raccoons: Nocturnal raccoons may look for food on courses by scavenge leftover pet food or trash.


Armadillos: The armored mammals dig and root around course grounds looking for grubs and other insects.


Squirrels: Fox squirrels and eastern gray squirrels inhabit many course trees and forests.


Rabbits: Cottontails and marsh rabbits hide in brush but may be spotted early morning or evening.







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