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Golf Community Protests Plan to Shrink Mission Bay Course

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Golf Community Protests Plan to Shrink Mission Bay Course

The Sandy Oaks golf community is opposing the San Diego City Council's recent decision to eliminate a portion of the Mission Bay Golf Course. The executive 18-hole course is considered one of the most affordable and accessible public golf facilities in the city, providing an important recreational option for junior golfers, seniors and those on lower incomes.



The proposed change would see land from the course converted to marshland habitat, as mandated by the Mission Bay Park Master Plan aimed at boosting wetlands in the area. Environmental groups have long pushed for more marsh restoration at the bay.


However, the local golf community argues the course plays a vital role and feels blindsided by the City Council's move. Some members claim city officials had previously assured them the layout would not be impacted.


In response, golf supporters are rallying the local community - especially schools - to challenge the decision. If approved, the executive course would be transformed into a par-three layout catering to beginners.


The community now hopes a lengthy permitting and planning process could delay changes for five to seven years, buying time for their opposition campaign. But for now, the future of the beloved Mission Bay Golf Course remains uncertain.


San Diego golf community fights to keep Mission Bay Golf Course open.




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