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America's Best Golf Towns - You Won't Believe Which Ones Made the Cut

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
America's Best Golf Towns - You Won't Believe Which Ones Made the Cut

Alright golf fans, we're on a mission to uncover the primo places around the country that totally nail it when it comes to supporting the game. You know the towns - ones with awesome junior programs, sick daily fee courses, and high school teams that are always in contention. Basically, locations where the whole golf scene is popping off.


We tapped some local PGA pros to spill the beans on their golf-obsessed communities. Carrie Williams from Golf, Illinois (yes that's its real name!) sang the praises of their junior academy put on by the Evans Scholars Foundation. These kids are learning the ropes while the whole town cheers them on.



Massachusetts also comes through - the town of Plymouth has an unreal 13 courses to keep everyone happy. Plus their top-ranked junior league led by PGA pro David Moore is pumping out college-level talent.



Even way up in Maine, they're representing. Thanks to Rob Jarvis and the programming at Bangor Municipal, folks are continuing to swing all summer long.


Down South, Diamondhead, Mississippi has cracked the code with its lively daily fee spots and private clubs that work together seamlessly. It's like their own little golf-focused retirement hamlet packed with families.



By celebrating these utopias where the game thrives, hopefully more cities will take notice of how to foster the long-term love of golf. Stay tuned as we keep uncovering America's best of the best.




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