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The Appeal and Customization of Lifted Golf Carts

Lifted golf carts are a popular modification that increases ground clearance and allows larger tires. Learn about customizing, buying, and safely operating lifted carts.

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The Rise in Popularity of Lifted Golf Carts

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of owners modifying their golf carts by lifting them. Often referred to as "lifted golf carts," these modified vehicles have increased ground clearance and larger tires, giving them a rugged, off-road look and improved traction on various terrain.

Lifted golf carts first emerged as a popular modification in beach communities, where the larger tires allow carts to smoothly traverse sand. However, lifted carts have since grown in popularity across all types of communities, from suburbs to ranches to hunting properties. The versatility and customization potential of lifted carts have made them an attractive option for many golf cart owners.

Reasons for Lifting a Golf Cart

There are several practical advantages to lifting a golf cart:

  • Increased ground clearance for traversing rough terrain, deep ruts, large obstacles, etc.
  • Ability to install larger tires for improved traction and obstacle clearance
  • Greater suspension travel for a smoother ride over uneven ground
  • Higher vantage point provides better view of surroundings

In addition to practical benefits, most owners lift their carts for cosmetic reasons - they like the way lifted carts look. The modified stance and chunky tires provide an aggressive, rugged look that appeals to many golf cart enthusiasts.

How Lifted Golf Carts Are Created

There are two main ways golf carts are lifted:

  1. Suspension lift kits - Also called spacer lift kits, these contain suspension spacers and extended shocks that raise the cart's suspension. Suspension lifts increase clearance while maintaining the stock design and integrity of the suspension system.
  2. Body lift kits - Body lift kits raise the entire body of the golf cart up off the frame. They allow fitting oversized tires and give maximum lift height. However, a body lift kit can alter the original geometry and handling of the cart.

Most lifted golf carts use a combination suspension and body lift to achieve significant ground clearance. The size of tires also plays a big role in determining the lift height. Common tire sizes range from 20 inches up to 30 inches in diameter.

Popular Customizations and Accessories

Beyond lifting, owners often outfit their golf carts with other upgrades and accessories:

  • All-terrain tires - Provide enhanced traction on dirt, sand, grass, etc.
  • Aluminum wheels - Lightweight and stylish alternative to stock steel wheels.
  • LED light bars - Improve visibility when driving at night.
  • Custom seats - Provide greater comfort and style.
  • Upgraded stereo system - Better sound quality for music on the go.
  • Full weather enclosure - Protect occupants from the elements.

With so many options available, modified golf carts can be extensively customized to match the owner's preferences and needs.

Safety Considerations

While lifting a golf cart can be done safely, it does change the center of gravity and handling dynamics. Owners should be aware of safety precautions when modifying their carts:

  • Avoid excessively large lifts and tires, which can make the cart unstable.
  • Re-torque lug nuts and inspect suspension components regularly.
  • Drive slowly and avoid aggressive steering when lifted, especially on turns.
  • Ensure any additional accessories are installed properly.
  • Check local laws - in some places lifted carts are not permitted on certain roads.

With common sense and proper precautions, lifted golf carts can be customized for performance and style, while maintaining safe operation.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Lifted Carts

There are some notable advantages and disadvantages to lifting a golf cart:


  • Ability to handle rough terrain and obstacles
  • Fun, customized appearance
  • Increased hauling capacity
  • Bold, aggressive styling
  • Improved traction in sand or mud


  • More difficult entry and exit due to increased height
  • Potential handling and stability issues if improperly lifted
  • Increased risk of rollovers
  • Shorter lifespan of some suspension and steering components
  • Not legal for road use in some areas

Overall, lifting a cart is an effective way to prepare it for off-road use. However, owners should carefully consider if the benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks for their needs.

Is Lifting Right for You?

Before deciding to lift their cart, owners should think about how they plan to use it. Key questions to ask:

  • What type of terrain will you be driving on? Lifted carts excel on sand, dirt, grass, and uneven ground.
  • Do you need to drive it on roads or sidewalks? Lifted carts may not be street legal in some communities.
  • Will you need to haul heavy loads? Lifted carts have increased capacity.
  • Is the aggressive look appealing to you?

It's also important to check with your homeowners association or local laws, as some places prohibit modified golf carts. Overall, lifted golf carts are best suited for off-road recreational use at locations like the beach, countryside, or a large property.

Buying a Lifted Golf Cart

You can either lift an existing golf cart or buy one that is already lifted. Purchasing a pre-lifted cart from a dealer allows you to get a professionally done modification that preserves the integrity of the vehicle. When test driving a lifted cart, be sure to:

  • Assess the quality of the lift kit installation
  • Check for steering wobble at low and high speeds
  • Validate attachments are secure and correctly configured
  • Inspect tires for wear and age cracks
  • Take tight turns to check rollover risk

A well-executed lift on a golf cart provides greater capability and customized style for off-road fun. For owners who want to enhance their cart's appearance and performance, lifting is a popular modification that allows you to take your cart to new heights.


How much lift should I add to my golf cart?

4-6 inches is common. Larger lifts can cause stability issues. Consider your needs and terrain when deciding on lift height.

What size tires should I get?

20-30 inch all-terrain tires are popular. Match tires to lift height so they don't rub.

Do I need a body lift and suspension lift?

Most lifts use both a body lift and suspension lift for maximum height and clearance.

Will lifting void my golf cart warranty?

Probably yes. Modifying the stock suspension can invalidate the original manufacturer warranty.

Can lifted carts be driven on roads?

It depends on local laws. Lifted carts are typically best for off-road use only.

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