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Iconic Air Jordan 11 Arrives on the Golf Course

The iconic Air Jordan 11 basketball shoe gets reimagined with modern golf technology and style. Learn about the new Jordan 11 golf shoes.

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The Iconic Air Jordan 11 Makes Its Way onto the Golf Course

The Air Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic sneakers ever made. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1995, the Air Jordan 11 features patent leather overlays and a translucent rubber outsole that set it apart from other Air Jordans. Now, Jordan Brand is bringing the iconic design of the Air Jordan 11 onto the golf course with the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes.

Blending Basketball Style with Golf Performance

Jordan Golf Shoes have become popular among sneakerheads and golfers alike for their unique blend of basketball style and golf performance. The Jordan 11 Golf Shoes are no exception. Featuring a leather upper, the Jordan 11 golf shoes retain the classic look of the original while providing enhanced stability, traction, and comfort for golfers.

The Jordan 11 golf shoes utilize a full-length Zoom Air unit in the midsole for responsive cushioning on the course. Strategically placed spikes on the outsole offer multi-directional traction to keep golfers stable during their swing. At the same time, the shoes maintain the sleek silhouette that makes the Air Jordan 11 so instantly recognizable.

Modern Technology Meets a Timeless Design

While the Jordan 11 golf shoes pay homage to the 1995 original with their aesthetic, they also incorporate modern golf technology for ideal performance. The shoes utilize a waterproof leather upper to keep feet dry in any conditions. They also implement Jordan Brand’s Flight Plate technology—a Pebax plate runs from the midsole to the outsole for increased stability and power transfer.

By blending beloved Air Jordan 11 style with performance-driven golf features, the Jordan 11 golf shoes appeal to both sneakerheads looking to stand out on the course and serious golfers wanting to test out Jordan Golf. The timeless Jordan 11 design gains new function in golf shoe form.

Continuing the Air Jordan Legacy

Since their debut in 1984, Air Jordans have left an indelible mark on sports, style, and culture around the world. The Jordan 11 Golf Shoes represent the continued expansion of the legendary Jordan legacy.

Like other models in the Jordan Golf collection, the Jordan 11 golf shoes link back to Michael Jordan’s competitive greatness. Modern golfers can bring that competitive fire to the course while paying respect to the past with Jordan Golf. Whether you’re a lifelong Air Jordan fan or new to the brand, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes let you rep MJ while you play.

Key Features and Technologies of the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes

Blending the best of Jordan Brand innovation and style, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes deliver on both form and function. They represent the pinnacle of golf shoe design for serious sneakerheads thanks to key features like:

Full-Length Zoom Air

The Jordan 11 Golf Shoes contain pressurized Zoom Air units that run the entire length of the midsole. The Zoom Air technology provides responsive cushioning that compresses on impact and bounces back for added spring. Golfers can maintain comfort and stability during long days on the course.

Waterproof Leather Upper

Constructed from rich leather, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes utilize a waterproof treatment to shield your feet from moisture. Rain or shine, the durable leather upper keeps feet protected and comfortable while retaining the Jordan 11’s premium aesthetic.

Multi-Directional Spike Pattern

The Jordan 11 Golf Shoes implement a strategically designed spike pattern on the outsole to deliver enhanced multi-directional traction. As you rotate during your swing, the spikes grip the turf to prevent slipping and keep you anchored. The result is maximized stability for powerful drives off the tee.

Flight Plate Technology

Jordan Brand engineered the 11 Golf Shoes with Flight Plate technology for increased stability and power. The Flight Plate utilizes a Pebax support that runs from heel to toe and connects with the outsole. This bridge structure allows golfers to transfer energy more efficiently during swings for faster clubhead speeds.

Low Profile Design

The Jordan 11 maintains its iconic, low-cut silhouette and shaping in golf shoe form. The low profile upper moves naturally with your foot and stays comfortable all day thanks to premium materials. And the sleek style transitions seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse.

Where Style Meets Performance

Jordan Brand didn’t compromise style or performance when designing the 11 Golf Shoes—they excel at both. Here’s a breakdown of why the Jordan 11 golf shoes appeal to sneakerheads and serious golfers alike.

Stand Out Style for Sneaker Fans

Having debuted iconic ads with Spike Lee and the “Flu Game,” the Air Jordan 11 needs no introduction among sneakerheads. The patent leather accents and translucent outsole make the 11 one of the most recognizable sneakers ever created. Golfers looking to stand out with premium Jordan Brand style will love rocking the Jordan 11 on the course.

The golf shoes retain all the classic Jordan 11 details from the glossy leather mudguard to the spaced lacing system. Jordan Brand even added golf-centric touches like saddle-colored accents and green outsole detailing as a nod to the sport. For sneaker fans, it’s the best of both worlds.

Tour Performance for Serious Golfers

Underneath the flashy exterior and heritage style lies a capable golf shoe ready for elite performance. Loaded with tech like a full-length Zoom Air, waterproof leather upper, and Flight Plate support, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes provide plenty for competitive golfers.

Everything from the Zoom Air units to the strategically designed spike pattern works together to maximize energy, stability, and power. Meanwhile, Jordan Brand made sure the shoes deliver enhanced comfort through premium materials to hold up all 18 holes and beyond. The shoes provide the tools for lower scores.

When and Where to Buy the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes

As iconic as the original 1995 release, the Air Jordan 11 golf shoes released on November 14, 2022 in limited quantities. So if you want to get your hands on a pair, here is what to know about buying the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes:

Limited Supply Means Act Quickly

With such a popular legacy style crossing over into golf shoes, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes come in limited supply. Jordan Brand only made small batches available globally through select retailers and Nike. So buyers need to act quickly before pairs sell out.

The shoes retailed for $260 USD at launch. But with limited quantities available, secondary resale prices have gone up. So purchasing the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes at retail price requires preparation and perfect timing.

Online and In-Store Releases

To buy the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes, check Jordan Brand retailers online for release details. Retailers like Foot Locker, Finish Line, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more sold the shoes via online raffles. Nike also dropped exclusive access via SNKRS online.

Select physical stores hosted in-store releases as well. So checking regional launch calendars and contacting local retailers proved essential to secure a pair at launch. With wider distribution than most sneaker releases, buyers had options to purchase both online and in real life.

Future Retro Releases Possible

Like Air Jordan sneakers, the retro golf shoes could see rereleases down the road based on popularity and demand. While Jordan Brand hasn’t confirmed anything yet, the iconic style means the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes could return for future launches after selling out quickly.

Rerelease details would likely arrive through Jordan Brand’s social media and blog. So keep an eye out for launch news and announcements to prepare for next chances at pairs as Jordan expands their golf lineup.

The Final Word on the Air Jordan Legacy

Over 35 years after first signing Michael Jordan, the Jordan Brand thrives by constantly evolving. The introduction of Jordan Golf continues pushing the brand into new frontiers while honoring heritage icons like the beloved Air Jordan 11. The Jordan 11 Golf Shoes represent the future and the past colliding for sneakerheads, golfers and Jordan enthusiasts alike.

So whether you’re looking to flex Jordan style on the course or test out Jordan performance innovations, the Jordan 11 Golf Shoes deliver. Featuring a perfect blend of fashion and function, they’re primed to become modern classics like their basketball counterparts. The Jordan retro golf shoe game just leveled up thanks to patent leather accents and Zoom Air cushioning coming together on the links.


When did the Jordan 11 golf shoes release?

The Jordan 11 golf shoes released on November 14, 2022 in limited quantities globally.

Where can I buy the Jordan 11 golf shoes?

The shoes released at select Jordan Brand retailers online and in-store, as well as on Nike's SNKRS app.

How much do the Jordan 11 golf shoes cost?

The Jordan 11 golf shoes retailed for $260 USD at launch. But resale prices have gone up due to limited quantities.

What technology is used in the shoes?

Key technologies include full-length Zoom Air units, a waterproof leather upper, Flight Plate support, and a multi-directional spike pattern.

Will the shoes be rereleased?

Jordan Brand has not confirmed any re-releases yet, but it's possible based on the high demand.

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