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5 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course This Summer

Last Updated: July, 3 2024
5 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course This Summer

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Summer temperatures rise across the country, dedicated golfers may be wondering how they can continue enjoying their favorite sport without suffering in sweltering conditions. 


As an avid golfer, the arrival of summer frequently causes me to worry that my season is gone until the temperature cools down again. But I've discovered that with a few tweaks to my regimen, it's very doable to maintain playing during the warmer months.


1. Play Early


One thing I always do is start my round as early as possible. Here in Palm Springs, the courses are wide open before 10 am since many "snowbirds" have left town for the summer. Teeing off at dawn means I can usually squeeze in a full 18 holes before the midday sun gets oppressive.


2. Try New Courses


I also like to mix things up by checking out new tracks while regular players are away. The smaller summer crowds have led me to some private clubs I'd never otherwise play. Switching up the courses helps keep things feeling fresh.


3. Practice at Driving Ranges


On really sweltering days, I head to the practice range instead of enduring 18 holes in the heat. Spending an hour focusing just on short game helps me continue progressing technically without getting overcooked in the sun. Plus, local pros are always looking to fill their schedules with lessons through the summer months.


4. Travel to Cooler Locations


If all else fails, I'm willing to travel a bit for relief. Just 90 minutes from Palm Springs, I've found spots where temperatures are 20 degrees better, opening up new weekend golf getaways.



5. Take Lessons


With some creativity adjusting my schedule and routine, I've learned it is totally possible to keep enjoying my passion for golf even in the summer months here in the desert. I hope these strategies help you do the same!


Are there specific golf courses in Palm Desert that are more shaded or have better cooling systems?


Several golf courses in the Palm Desert area stand out for their potential to keep players cooler in the summer heat thanks to shady conditions.


Marriott's Shadow Ridge Golf Club contains plentiful foliage that research shows can lower temperatures by up to 15 degrees compared to direct sunlight. Its trees and plants provide shade across the layout.


Classic Club is singled out as one of the best options for "Shady Plays" locally, with its dense cover of trees and vegetation creating smaller cooler areas.


Ironwood Country Club includes two 18-hole courses, especially praised is the South Course for its lush, irrigated fairways and spectacular water features and fast greens, elements that likely contribute to a more pleasant playing environment even in warm weather.


The 27-hole Lakes Country Club reputedly one of the busiest programs in the Coachella Valley. Due to the numerous ponds and lush landscaping that wind between the holes, golfers are believed to experience cooling effects as they navigate the course.


In summary, players at these courses may find relief from the intense desert heat with to the plentiful shade, lakes, and other natural features.







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Michael is an avid golfer himself, having played competitively in college. After graduating, he pursued a career in golf course management and travel writing. He has played and reviewed hundreds of golf courses globally, and is considered an expert on golf course architecture, playing conditions, and the best golf destinations for travelers. His articles provide golfers with valuable insights to plan their next golf vacation.

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