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New 30-Ball Drill Could be the Secret to Maximizing Minimal Practice Time

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
New 30-Ball Drill Could be the Secret to Maximizing Minimal Practice Time

For busy golfers struggling to find time for the range, renowned golf coach Ed Oldham may have discovered the solution - a specialized 30-ball drill designed to efficiently improve all aspects of the game.



Oldham details how this simple yet targeted practice routine can help players make the most of limited practice sessions. According to Oldham, many amateur golfers go weeks or even months without proper practice due to family and work commitments.


“Many of us are busy with careers and families, so it’s easy to go weeks (or even months) without proper golf practice,” Oldham says. “But you can make the most of your practice time by organizing it to make it more efficient.”


However, he emphasizes that focused practice - even if just for 30 minutes - is far more beneficial than hacking balls aimlessly on the range.


“If you have time to hit 30 balls, don’t spend the entire time working on technique [regardless of shot outcomes],” he said. “Instead, split your time by working on technique, skill, and then playing a game to make golf practice more fun.


That's where the 30-ball drill comes in. It divides the session into three 10-ball segments, each with a distinct focus.


The first 10 balls are dedicated solely to technique, with slow, deliberate swings and the use of video analysis to refine mechanics. Players are instructed to exaggerate motions to facilitate change.


The next 10 balls shift to a specific skill, such as maintaining consistent clubface angles through impact. Simple drills like varying face positions help develop feel.


The final 10 balls infuse an element of fun with a target-based game. Oldham recommends players count how many shots finish within 30 feet of a flag for a sense of competition.


By dividing attention between technique, skill work, and application, Oldham believes this multi-faceted approach makes practice sessions more productive in a short time frame. Players see immediate results while avoiding potential burnout.


With busy schedules becoming the norm for amateurs, Oldham's 30-ball method could offer the blueprint for maximizing development even with limited access to the practice facility. Just 30 minutes following this proven formula may be all that's needed to start seeing improvements in a player's game.


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What specific skills can be improved with the 30-ball drill


For the swing technique side of things, you can zero in on one move, like taking it back smoother or rotating those hips better. Go superslow on those first 10 balls to really focus on it.


The ball striking set is perfect for tweaking your impact. Mess around with hitting different parts of the face - a few off the heel, a few from the toe. This'll help the consistency.


If you wanna bomb it longer, setup on different tee boxes. Challenge yourself to hit one set like 250 out, then 200 on another. Cool way to track distance gains over time.


With the irons, dedicate those balls to one club, like an 8 iron. Dial in the distance and work on that feel. Bonus points for keeping it tight out there dispersion-wise too.


Gotta have a solid short game, so use these to sharpen one shot. Maybe chips around the green or sand saves inside 50 yards.


Can't forget the flatstick! Use the last 10 for putting drills - make 'em count from 6 feet. Builds up that confidence on the greens.


And it's a great way to feel out different course shots. Picture your ideal plan of attack and run through your pre-shot routine just like on the course.


Overall it's a versatile drill that lets you zero in on specific areas of your game, all in just a 30-minute session. Pick one thing to focus on and go to work.





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