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Father of Two Beaten to Death While Breaking Up Fight at Nashville Concert

Last Updated: July, 3 2024
Father of Two Beaten to Death While Breaking Up Fight at Nashville Concert

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Nashville, TN - A 41-year-old father of two was fatally assaulted on Saturday evening outside a Top Golf facility in Nashville where a concert was taking place.


Dahal Umesh was attending a music event hosted by the Nashville Nepalese Association and featuring the Nepali rock band "Mantra". The concert was being held in The Cowan performance venue located on the lower level of the Top Golf property.


Umesh and his wife (Source: Facebook)


According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD), a physical altercation broke out between multiple individuals inside the venue during the concert. The fight then spilled out into the parking lot area.


Witnesses reported that Umesh, attempted to intervene and defuse the escalating argument. However, as he was trying to break up the brawl, Umesh was suddenly punched in the head, causing him to fall to the concrete floor.


“Umesh was reportedly trying to defuse the argument when he was punched, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete,” the MNPD said.


While lying unconscious on the ground, Umesh was then kicked directly in the head by one of the assailants. He suffered severe head trauma as a result of the assault.


Umesh, a married father of two young children, was rushed to a local hospital. Despite the best efforts of medical staff, he succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday morning.


Dahal Umesh, 41, a father of two young girls, was beaten to death in the parking lot of a Top Golf when he tried to break up a fight (Source: Facebook)


After taking over the investigation as a homicide case on Monday, Nashville police homicide detectives identified 26-year-old Bishal Rai as the man who delivered the fatal kick to Umesh's head. Rai was arrested later that evening at his home in Antioch.


Rai has been charged with criminal homicide and is currently being held without bond at the Nashville Downtown Detention Center. Investigators are also still searching for other possible suspects who participated in the assault that led to Umesh's death while he attempted to quell the confrontation.


Bishal Rai, 26, was identified as the man who allegedly kicked Umesh in the head and he was arrested on Monday night (Source: MNPD)


“A judicial commissioner ordered that Rai be held without bond pending a hearing,” the MNPD said. “The investigation is continuing into the potential involvement of other persons in the fatal assault on Umesh.”


The Nashville Nepalese Association described Umesh as a "kind soul" who will be greatly missed by his community. Police continue to investigate this tragic incident that cost a father his life while trying to prevent further violence.






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