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Record Payday in Store for 2024 US Women's Open Caddie

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Record Payday in Store for 2024 US Women's Open Caddie

Caddies at this week's US Women's Open could be in for a lucrative bonus, thanks to the event's record $12 million purse. Whoever ends up with the winning bag on Sunday is primed to take home an especially fat paycheck.


Typically, caddies earn 10% of what their player wins. Last year when Allisen Corpuz took the title, her looper Jay Monahan cashed a nice $200,000 check.


But with the champion now guaranteed $2.4 million, USGA CEO Mike Whan confirmed the winning caddie's cut could be a cool $240,000.


Even those whose gal barely misses out are still looking at some solid five-figure paydays, around 5-7% of earnings.


As an added bonus, Whan said anyone who misses the cut will receive $10,000. Not a bad consolation for the caddies packing up early.


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"As I've said I think every year that I've been here, we really view making it into this championship making the cut. If 2,000 were trying to get into 156 slots, they've made it as far as we're concerned.”


Compared to a decade ago when total payouts were a third of today, these guys are in for a real payday bump. All eyes will be on Lancaster through the weekend to see whose bag ends up bearing the biggest bounty come Sunday night. It could make for one happy caddie.


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Do caddies earn more if their player finishes higher in the tournament?


Yes, caddies typically earn more if their player finishes higher in the tournament. I know the standard rate is 10% for the winning caddie's cut. But there are ways to boost your bonus buck$, depending on where your gal finishes.


For example, if somehow you get swapped in to caddie for the chick who ends up runner-up, you're looking at more like 12% of their check instead. 


And anyone pulling third place usually gets around 15%. Not too shabby for a weekend's work!


Even just making the weekend cut can mean a few extra bucks in your pocket if she's not top 3. We're talking 7% there.


So between you and me, the further up the rankings your golfer places, the bigger slice of the pie you take home.





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