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TaylorMade Releases New Patriotic Golf Balls for 4th of July

TaylorMade Releases New Patriotic Golf Balls for 4th of July

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Golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade has unveiled a lineup of red, white, and blue themed golf balls just in time for Independence Day celebrations. The company's popular TP5 and TP5x golf balls now come in a stars and stripes "Pix USA" design.



The graphics on the Pix USA balls are configured to form TaylorMade's "ClearPath Alignment" system. Stripes of red, white and blue neatly frame the brand logo and ball model stamp to provide an instant line of aim from the ball to the hole. This is meant to aid alignment and feedback on greenside shots.


TaylorMade has also added a new Tour Response Stripe USA ball to their patriotic offerings. Building on the success of the original Tour Response, this ball features TaylorMade's 360° "ClearPath Alignment" technology split into red, white and blue sections marked by rows of stars. It also utilizes an updated dimple pattern first seen on the higher-end TP5 models to improve aerodynamics and distance.



All three new USA-themed balls - the TP5 Pix USA ($49.99/dozen), TP5x Pix USA ($49.99/dozen) and Tour Response Stripe USA ($42.99/dozen) - are available now through online retailers like Fairway Jockey ahead of the July 4th holiday weekend. Golfers looking to celebrate their nation's independence can show their patriotic pride on-course this year with TaylorMade's red, white and blue balls.


Are there any special features in the TaylorMade USA-themed golf balls?



ClearPath Alignment System - This is featured on the TP5 and TP5x Pix USA balls. Strategically placed graphics frame the TaylorMade logo and ball model stamp to create a clear line from the ball to the hole, providing visual alignment cues.


Multi-Color Pattern - The graphics on the Pix USA balls utilize a newly configured multi-color pattern designed to make the balls easier to see in different light conditions and aid visibility/alignment.


360 Degree ClearPath Alignment - The Tour Response Stripe USA ball has this feature, with the red/white/blue stripes and star graphics wrapping fully around the ball. This is meant to enhance alignment from any angle.


Updated Dimple Pattern - The Tour Response Stripe USA incorporates the new dimple design first seen on the TP5 models. This is intended to improve aerodynamics for increased distance.


Five-Layer Design/HFM - On the TP5 balls this provides fast ball speeds with soft feel, due to the High-Flex Material in the mantle.


Softer Urethane Cover - The TP5x Pix USA tweaks the cover slightly to promote more greenside spin for short game control.






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