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Titleist GT Drivers Draw Raving Reviews from Tour Pros at Memorial Tournament

Titleist GT Drivers Draw Raving Reviews from Tour Pros at Memorial Tournament

Titleist's new GT line of drivers is already making waves on the PGA Tour, receiving rave reviews from players testing the clubs this week at the Memorial Tournament.


One of those players is world No. 35 Billy Horschel, who spent time on the range at Muirfield Village Golf Club fine-tuning his swing with the GT3 model. Horschel was impressed with the consistency of his ball flight, even on mishits. The Titleist reps also observed similar results across multiple testing sessions with different players.



“Having those spin rates so tight allows me to get similar carry distances even when I don’t hit it good. If I do miss one a little thin, it’s not spinning at 2,800 or 2,900 where it could fly 10 yards shorter,” Horschel said. “It’s still going to fly the same distance or maybe a few yards shorter than if I hit it solid. It gives me the confidence if there’s a bunker at 300 or 305 I want to carry, I don’t have to be perfect. I can miss it and know it’s still going to carry. Once I get above 175, that gets me to the 300-plus yards of carry without having to launch it 13 degrees with 2,000 spin. I can still launch it in my window at 10 or 11 degrees with 2,300 or 2,400. Those extra 2 miles per hour go a long way.”


This tight dispersion of spin numbers across the face is being credited by Tour pros as a key advancement of the GT drivers. It adds forgiveness on off-center strikes by maintaining launch conditions and ball speed more in line with pure strikes. For a player like Horschel seeking every yard, this gives him confidence that misses still have a chance to carry bunkers and hazards.


“To me, the feel is persimmon-like,” said Horschel. “Ping Rapture was one of my favorites — the way it sounded, felt, looked. This Titleist [GT] is very similar to that. Everyone is different out here in the way they judge feel. I want it to feel really solid where the ball is staying on the face for a long time. I can relate to feel off that and it gives me a good idea if I missed it or hit it good. I’ve always been that way.”


Others impressed with the GT's low spin dispersion included Peter Malnati. Titleist's JJ Van Wezenbeeck noted Malnati prefers a lower-launching delivery, so keeping ball speed and carry on mishits was important. Consistency in launch, spin and distance was evident across multiple testing sessions observed at Muirfield Village.


“We had guys like Will coming to us asking if they could test it,” Van Wezenbeeck said. “When you have a good thing, you don’t want to wait until the Fall to bring it out here.”


While more testing will take place this week to potentially put GT drivers in play at the Memorial, Titleist appears to have another hit on their hands. The earliest ever Tour debut for a new model was spurred by positive feedback from players involved in development like Will Zalatoris. Horschel and others came away raving about the forgiveness and feel of Titleist's latest drivers.


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How does the Titleist GT Driver perform in different weather conditions?



This driver was designed for golfers looking to tackle any weather. The adjustable weight system in the sole and heel/toe allows you to customize how it feels at address. Dial in just the right balance and you'll be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


Those days when it's howling wind or a steady downpour, you'll appreciate that forged face. It provides smooth ball strikes no matter the element, so your shots fly straight and true even in less than ideal conditions.


The aerodynamic shape is also a lifesaver when the wind really kicks up. It cuts through the air with ease so you can maintain swing speed and ball flight. No more duffing it 50 yards when a gust hits.


And don't even get me started on how well it performs in wet weather. From early morning dew to afternoon thunderstorms, the moisture-resistant coating means your shots will fly on line regardless.


If all that wasn't enough, you've also got independent adjustability of loft and lie. Dial the driver in to your swing and the specific weather forecast. Play the same shot shape whether it's sunny, breezy, or pouring buckets.


This club was made for players who don't let a little rain or wind ruin their round. When conditions get tough, this driver stiffens its spine to deliver confidence-inspiring shots. So you can keep your scoreCard dry, no matter what Mother Nature brings each day.






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