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Golfer Scores Jackpot at Goodwill - Full Set of Titleist Clubs for only $2.99 each?

Golfer Scores Jackpot at Goodwill - Full Set of Titleist Clubs for only $2.99 each?

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Golfer Scores Jackpot at Goodwill - Full Set of Titleist Clubs for only $2.99 each?

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A golfer in Texas hit the motherlode after discovering a collection of top-brand clubs at his local Goodwill store.


The lucky discovery was made last weekend by Reddit user 'Kobblur' while browsing for t-shirts at the Goodwill near his workplace. While rummaging through the shelves, Kobblur stumbled upon a full set of 8 Titleist T100's irons along with 3 Titleist wedges and a Titleist hybrid clubs.


Holy Grail of Golf Goodwill Hauls
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All the clubs were priced at a mere $2.99 each. “Me and my buddy came across a full set (8) of t100's, three Titliest wedges, and a Titliest hybrid while looking for t-shirts at the goodwill near where we work,” said Kobblur. “They were marked at $2.99 for each club, which we ended up buying and taking to the Golf Galaxy 5 minutes away. They offered us $410 in-store credit for all the clubs but I believe we could easily get around double?” 


Eager to ascertain the value of their surprise haul, Kobblur and his friend took the clubs to the nearest Golf Galaxy store just 5 minutes away. The pro shop staff were equally shocked by the quality of the pre-owned clubs.


They offered Kobblur an impressive $410 store credit for the entire set. However, Kobblur believes the clubs could fetch even more if sold individually online or at auction.


Other golfers commenting on Kobblur's Reddit post about the find speculated that the previous owner's passing or a household break-up were likely reasons for the pristine clubs ending up abandoned at the thrift store.


One commenter shared his own Goodwill discovery - an estranged husband's entire golf wardrobe including shoes and polos had clearly been donated in one go.


“I got my white hot 2 ball putter from goodwill and it was 100% from an old guy that kicked the can. I saw his shoes, polos and clubs throughout the store. Kind of weird now to think of it.”


At just $2.99 for each club, Kobblur's Goodwill clubs are surely the bargain of a lifetime. Golfers everywhere are now hitting up their local thrift stores hoping for an equally lucky break. As one Redditor quipped - "Someone up there likes this guy!"


The moral of the story is you won't know what gems you can uncover unless you diligently scour the sale racks. You just never know what treasures could be hiding in plain sight at Goodwill.


What are some tips for finding great deals on golf equipment at thrift stores


Your best friend is going to be the PGA Value Guide. Pull it up on your phone to look up prices of clubs you come across. That way you'll know if something is priced way below market value. I found some Ping irons for $20 once that resold for over $100 - really pays to do your research.


Don't just check the sporting goods section either. I've seen people find bags of clubs mixed in with clothes and books before. Might sound weird, but you never know where someone donated stuff. Gotta be thorough when you search.


Really commit to hitting up thrift stores often. New stuff gets dropped off all the time, so if you're a regular you have a better chance of stumbling on something before someone else snags it. That's how I scored a nice Taylormade driver for like $10 once.


Always give clubs a once-over for damage too. Make sure the grips aren't cracked, shafts aren't bent, and faces aren't dinged up too bad. Flexes and lengths matter too - don't settle if it won't work for your game. Condition is key.


You never know what you might discover too. Sometimes it's just pure luck. I've had friends find Scotty Cameron putters or full Ping set ups for a song. If you keep at it, who knows - you could stumble on a real "Holy Grail" of a find.


Thrifting is like a treasure hunt. With some dedication to really digging through stores each week, there's no reason you can't turn up gold from time to time. It's a fun hobby and can save you big bucks on gear.






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