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Farmington Duo Launches Innovative Golf Betting App

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Farmington Duo Launches Innovative Golf Betting App

Longtime friends and ardent golfers from Farmington, Illinois, Marshall Threw and Kevin Reed, have combined their love of the game with their business energy to create the innovative sports betting app Skill Shot Golf. Golfers may use the app to wager on any par-3 hole in the nation to be a hole-in-one.



Threw, 42, and Reed, 39, grew up together in Farmington playing multiple sports. While neither has achieved a hole-in-one themselves, they saw an opportunity to create the first platform where golfers can "bet on themselves" to sink an ace. After brainstorming the idea over a year, they enlisted the help of local developers to build the Skill Shot Golf app.


Using the app, users purchase currency tokens for $5 each and can wager up to five tokens, or $25, that they will make a hole-in-one on an eligible par 3. Qualifying holes must be at least 100 yards and have an unobstructed line of sight from tee to pin. The playing partner then records video of the shot using the app, including a randomly generated verification code inserted into and displayed on the ball.


If the shot goes in, payouts vary based on distance but can be substantial - $1,000 for an average hole-in-one up to a maximum of $13,000. Threw emphasized that recording protocols ensure the integrity of each wager. 


With golf betting legal in 39 states including Illinois, Threw and Reed have big aspirations for the business they crafted from their passion. In addition to growing the user base, they hope to incorporate new betting options like proximity to the pin in the future. Their novel app proves golf can indeed be "worked" into a career, leaving these hometown heroes well-positioned to shake up the sports tech industry.



The new Skill Shot Golf app from lifelong bros Marshall Threw and Kevin Reed has been getting lots of love from the golf world since launching a few months ago.


After testing it out in San Antonio, they fully rolled it out in Texas and North Carolina. Illinois players have also been getting in on the action. Looks like golfers everywhere are digging this unique new way to place friendly bets on the course.


In just the first couple weeks since going live in late April, over 300 people have already downloaded it. Not bad at all for a couple small town guys lookin' to shake things up.


Marshall said the feedback has been off the charts too. I guess golfers are stoked to be able to wager on themselves finally sinking that elusive hole-in-one. Must add some fun pressure to the old round, you know?


For now, these guys are playing it chill on the marketing. No need to push too hard since word of mouth is spreading fast enough already. Sounds like their baby is taking off just like they dreamed.


Betting this creative duo has plenty more aces up their sleeves too. With early success like this, the sky's the limit for what they do next in the sports tech world. Props to these hometown heroes for proving golf can really be a career if you put in the work. Their app is clearly striking gold so far.




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