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Bryson DeChambeau's US Open victory deals major blow to PGA Tour amid LIV Golf war

Bryson DeChambeau's US Open victory deals major blow to PGA Tour amid LIV Golf war

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Bryson DeChambeau emerged victorious at the 2024 US Open at Pinehurst No. 2, defeating Rory McIlroy in a dramatic final round. His win is a major coup for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series and a blow for the PGA Tour in their ongoing civil war.


DeChambeau battled back from behind on Sunday to reclaim the lead from McIlroy, who was firmly in control until late stumbles. The American held his nerve over the closing holes to seal his second US Open title. His triumph leaves McIlroy still searching for a breakthrough major win after a decade of coming close.



The victory strengthens LIV Golf's standing in its feud with the PGA Tour. DeChambeau and fellow defector Brooks Koepka now boast more wins in official PGA Tour-sanctioned events than Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler since joining the breakaway circuit. Koepka won the 2023 PGA Championship, giving the LIV Golf duo a 2-1 edge over their PGA counterparts.


Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau (Image: Getty)


DeChambeau showed graciousness towards McIlroy after their battle, saying the loss will "fuel Rory's fire even more." However, his performance reinforces LIV Golf's ability to poach top talent from the PGA Tour. The American will now return immediately to competing on the LIV Golf series at this week's event in Nashville.


The win piles further pressure on the PGA Tour in its fight to deter players. LIV Golf is proving able to supply major championship wins for its roster, undermining the Tour's authority. The outcome in Pinehurst serves as another reminder of the disruptive threat posed by the Saudi-backed league in its war with the traditional PGA model.


DeChambeau's victory strengthens LIV Golf's hand as it aims to further break the PGA Tour's monopoly. McIlroy and the Tour will be left to ponder the consequences of this latest blow.


How did DeChambeau's win impact the rivalry between LIV Golf and PGA Tour players


Bryson's win at the US Open was so huge for LIV Golf. To beat Rory, one of the most well-known PGA Tour loyalists, in such an intense final round - that really showed what they're about. It must have felt awesome for Bryson to cement himself as one of LIV's flagship guys.


I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for the PGA Tour too. Losing a talent like Bryson was bad enough but now he's continuing to prove them wrong. His success has gotta be killing their reputation and TV deals.


You can tell this victory really ratcheted up the tensions between LIV and PGA guys. Those two sides seem more divided than ever before. It's probably disheartening for PGA players like Rory and Justin to see LIV players dominating lately.


Bryson's win also highlights just how far LIV has come in a short time. To poach bigdrawing names like him, Brooks and Dustin - that's a massive shift. No doubt they're swaying the balance of power now.


As for the PGA, they've got their work cut out. Golf seems to be LIV's world now and they're struggling to keep up. On top of adapting, they need to win back sponsors and fans that have jumped ship. Easier said than done after their poster boy Rory came up short against LIV's new star. Tough times ahead for sure.







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