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Asics Making Splash in Golf Shoe Market with Gel-Kayano Ace

Asics applies running shoe technology to produce top golf shoes like the Gel-Kayano Ace, known for stability, comfort and waterproof designs suitable for any conditions.

Asics Making Splash in Golf Shoe Market with Gel-Kayano Ace

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Asics Making a Splash in Golf Shoe Market

The Japanese athletic brand Asics has long been known for its high performance running shoes. In recent years, Asics has expanded into golf by releasing several popular models of Asics golf shoes. With a focus on stability, comfort and waterproof protection, Asics golf shoes have quickly developed a loyal following among amateur and professional golfers.

Asics Gel-Kayano Ace Gets Rave Reviews

The Asics Gel-Kayano Ace has been particularly well received. Designed with many of the same features Asics uses in its top running shoes, the Gel-Kayano Ace provides excellent cushioning and a stable platform. This helps reduce fatigue and prevents slipping during the golf swing, even in wet conditions.

Golfers praise the Gel-Kayano Ace for its lightweight feel, waterproof protection and long lasting comfort. The FluidFit upper material is both breathable and stretchy for a flexible customized fit. An ortholite sockliner and FluidRide midsole give plush cushioning that still provides responsiveness and bounce back.

Many reviewers say the Gel-Kayano Ace is one of the most comfortable golf shoes they have ever worn. It provides a very stable base with great traction while also feeling light and airy, almost like wearing running shoes on the course. The discreet toe and heel guards add durability so the shoes hold up well even with frequent play.

Additional Waterproof Models for Year-Round Play

Asics also makes several other waterproof golf shoe models so you can keep playing even when the course is soaked. The Asics Gel-Course Duo BOA and Asics Gel-Course Glide are two examples. Both have a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry but still allow sweat and heat to escape.

The Duo BOA features a handy dial closure system for quickly adjusting the fit. The Gel-Course Glide is more affordable but still provides great traction and cushioning. With these types of models, Asics removes the excuse of bad weather to skip a day on the course.

Asics Golf Shoes Emphasize Comfort and Stability

Across their golf shoe lineup, Asics emphasizes comfort, stability and protection from the elements. By borrowing technology from their industry leading running shoes, Asics delivers exceptional performance and durability in the their golf footwear.

Impact Guidance System Boosts Stability

Many Asics golf shoes incorporate the Impact Guidance System (IGS). This is a design philosophy that enhances the foot's natural gait from heel strike through toe-off. The goal is to promote stability and a smooth transition of weight during the golf swing and walking motion.

On some models like the Gel-Course Duo BOA, Asics also uses a DuoMax support system. This firms up and reinforces the midsole to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot. Again, the goal is keeping you stable and balanced throughout the swing.

The focus on stability helps reduce fatigue by allowing the intrinsic muscles of the foot and leg to share the load more naturally. Small stabilizing muscles don't have to overwork to compensate for a lack of support from the shoe.

FluidFit Upper Wraps Feet Comfortably

Nearly all Asics golf shoes boast the comfortable FluidFit upper material. This stretchy fabric contours to the unique shape of each golfer's foot. The snug fit reduces friction and helps prevent blisters while also locking the rear foot securely in place.

Inside, most Asics golf models also include an Ortholite sockliner. This adds resilient extra cushioning and wicks moisture away from the foot to prevent squishing and discomfort even on 36 hole days.

Asics Golf Shoes Designed for All-Condition Play

While known for running, Asics does an excellent job translating their footwear technology into golf shoes. Their stable platform and cushioned ride helps golfers stay comfortable walking long distances on the course. And waterproof designs allow playing in any weather conditions.

As their golf shoes continue to gain positive reviews, expect Asics to cement itself as a top golf footwear brand. Models like the Gel-Kayano Ace show the company is headed in the right direction.

With technology and designs borrowed from their high performance running shoe models, Asics brings a fresh approach to the golf shoe market. While centered around stability and comfort, Asics also incorporates athletic styling that helps their shoes stand out from the crowd.

As more amateur golfers experience the all-around performance of Asics golf footwear, the brand should continue making inroads with recreational players and pros alike. Much like they revolutionized the running shoe industry, Asics now brings that innovative spirit to manufacturing top quality golf shoes suitable for any playing conditions.


What are the key features of the Asics Gel-Kayano Ace golf shoe?

The Gel-Kayano Ace features maximum cushioning, stability, a comfortable customizable fit and waterproof protection. Technologies like FluidFit and FluidRide provide a lightweight, responsive feel many golfers love.

Are Asics golf shoes suitable for walking 18 or even 36 holes?

Yes, with their running shoe DNA, Asics golf shoes emphasize lightweight comfort and cushioning that holds up well for walking long distances. Models like the Gel-Course Glide allow all day play without foot fatigue.

How do Asics golf shoes run in terms of sizing?

Most golfers recommend ordering Asics golf shoes either true to size or going up a half size. Asics tend to fit snugger than other brands but the FluidFit upper material also stretches and conforms for customized fit.

Can you get Asics golf shoes in wide sizes?

Currently Asics golf shoes only come in standard D medium width for men and B medium width for women. However, the stretchy upper material does accommodate slightly wider feet. Wider sizes may be offered in the future.

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