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Mickelson names three key changes brought about by LIV Golf that PGA Tour rivals want to copy

Mickelson names three key changes brought about by LIV Golf that PGA Tour rivals want to copy

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Golf legend Phil Mickelson has revealed the three main aspects of the controversial LIV Golf series that have helped drive changes across professional golf.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Mickelson reflected on how the game has evolved in the two years since he made the shock move from the PGA Tour to join the Saudi-backed breakaway circuit.


Phil Mickelson opened up on LIV Golf and the PGA Tour (Image: Bloomberg)


"There are many issues but that is one of the biggest. For me personally, it’s not enough that they are sitting on hundreds of millions of digital moments. They also have access to my shots, access I do not have. They also charge companies to use shots I have hit.


"And when I did ‘The Match’ — there have been five of them — the tour forced me to pay them $1 million each time. For my own media rights. That type of greed is, to me, beyond obnoxious.”


The six-time major champion, who became the highest-profile defector to LIV Golf, said the new league has brought about elevated weekly events, equity for players and freedom over social media usage.


Mickelson declared "We have elevated events every week out here on LIV," highlighting the lucrative $25 million purses that are among the richest in golf. 


He also noted that LIV Golf offers players ownership stakes in the franchises competing on tour. "We have equity, " said Mickelson.


Additionally, the American star pointed out that LIV golfers can promote the sport on their own terms via social media. we have the ability to use or social media platforms however we want to promote the game."


These circumstances, Mickelson says, have pushed the normally conservative PGA Tour to alter. He recognized that reforms are "starting to change now, and is changing on the PGA Tour."


Specifically, the PGA Tour has developed 'Signature Events' with payouts of $20 million to match LIVs, as well as a 'Player Equity Program' that gives members ownership in the tour's business.


Mickelson's remarks illuminated how LIV Golf has upended the established order and convinced rivals to adopt a more player-friendly structure in the ongoing turf war between the circuits. Whether this indicates an increase in hostilities down the road is yet to be determined.


What are the details of Phil Mickelson's new deal with LIV Golf


Phil Mickelson joined LIV Golf in 2022 (Image: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Image)


Mickelson signed one of the biggest contracts in professional golf history worth $200 million (£160 million) to join LIV Golf on June 6, 2022.


This made him the highest paid golfer on LIV Golf's inaugural roster and one of the first marquee American players to defect from the PGA Tour.


At 53 years old, Mickelson believed joining LIV Golf was one of his last big career moves as he approaches the end of his playing days.


He has argued more top players will follow his lead in bolting for LIV Golf and its lucrative contracts and purses.


Mickelson warned golf's major championships they will have to accept LIV players or risk losing sponsor support as the league grows.


He credits LIV Golf for spurring changes on the PGA Tour like increased player equity and wealth through larger purses.


Now in the later stages of his career, Mickelson's goals have shifted to helping younger golfers find the same joy in the sport that he experienced.







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