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Golf Bucket Hats: A Popular Accessory for Sun Protection and Style on the Course

Golf bucket hats provide sun protection, moisture wicking, and wind resistance.Learn about popular styles, key features like fabric, fit, sizing, and proper care.

Golf Bucket Hats: A Popular Accessory for Sun Protection and Style on the Course

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The Popularity of Golf Bucket Hats

Golf bucket hats have become an extremely popular accessory among golfers in recent years. The unique design of bucket hats, with their wide brims and chin straps, make them ideal for both sun protection and style on the golf course.

Sun Protection Benefits

One of the main reasons golfers love bucket hats is because of the sun protection they provide. The large brims and breathable fabric help shade golfers' faces, necks, and shoulders from the harsh sun. Bucket hats protect delicate areas like the ears, temples, lips, and nose.

Golf is played outdoors, with most rounds lasting 3-5 hours. That's a lot of exposure to UV rays. Bucket hats significantly reduce sun damage and skin cancer risks. They are especially beneficial for golfers with sensitive skin or medical conditions.

Moisture Wicking Properties

Many golf bucket hats feature moisture wicking headbands and fabric. They pull sweat away from a golfer's head and towards the outer fabric where it evaporates. This helps keep golfers cool, dry, and comfortable even when temperatures rise.

Considering how much movement there is in golf with swinging, walking, bending, etc., moisture wicking hats are hugely beneficial.

Wind Protection

The chin strap on bucket hats prevents them from blowing off in windy conditions. This helps golfers avoid the nuisance and distraction of frequently having to retrieve their hats.

Bucket hats also provide warmth by trapping body heat around a golfer's head when cooler temps roll in.

Styles and Features

There are now more options than ever when selecting golf bucket hats catered towards your personal needs and preferences.

Fabric Types

Cotton - This natural fiber is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for most climates.

Polyester - This synthetic material is long-lasting, moisture wicking, and provides UV protection.

Nylon - Known for being waterproof, quick-drying, durable, and suitable for regions with wetter weather.

Fitted vs Adjustable

Fitted bucket hats contain an inner sweatband with no size adjustment mechanism. These provide a snugger, more secure fit.

Adjustable bucket hats feature a metal or plastic adjuster along the inner sweatband allowing you to customize sizing. This flexibility ensures getting the right fit.

Color Options

White - This color keeps you coolest in hot weather. It also pairs easily with any golf outfit.

Black - The most popular color choice that matches anything. It also hides sweat well.

Prints/Patterns - Express yourself with the wide range of fun prints and patterns now available from flowers to camo and more.

Finding the Right Fit

The key elements deciding golf bucket hat fit and comfort include the inner sweatband, crown height, and brim width. Here are some determining factors of each:


-Thickness - Thinner will stretch less over time while thicker adjusts better to head size.

-Coverage - Full vs partial determines how much surface area contacts your forehead.

Crown Height

-Lower Profile - Sits tighter to the head providing more secure wear.

-Higher Profile - Allows more ventilation reaching the head but may blow off easier in wind.

Brim Width

-Under 3" - Less sun protection and airflow to the head and neck.

-3"+ - Optimized for shielding sun but can limit visibility looking up steep terrain.

Try various styles and sizes to see what works best for your golf game, climate, and aesthetic preferences.

Care and Maintenance

Caring properly for your golf bucket hats helps them hold up season after season. Here are useful care tips:

Read Fabric Care Tags

-Follow instructions to avoid damaging effects of heat, chemicals, etc. Overdrying can cause shrinking.

Spot Clean Regularly

-Use a small amount of mild detergent with a clean, wet cloth to wipe stains before they set in further.

Check Chin Straps

-Ensure strap remains securely sewn in place to keep hat from blowing away on course.

Properly caring for your golf bucket hats saves time buying replacements and keeps them looking stylish every round!


What are the main benefits of golf bucket hats?

The large brims provide shade and sun protection for your face, neck and shoulders. They also have moisture wicking sweatbands and fabrics to keep your head cool and chin straps to prevent blowing off in windy conditions.

What fabric is best for golf bucket hats?

This depends on your climate and preferences. Breathable cotton works well for most conditions. Polyester provides sweat-wicking and UV protection benefits. Nylon is ideal for wet regions since it's waterproof and quick drying.

Should I get an adjustable or fitted golf bucket hat?

Adjustable hats allow flexibility to customize the fit. Fitted hats without size adjusters provide a more snug and secure feel. Choose what works best for getting your ideal fit and comfort.

What size golf bucket hat should I get?

Pay attention to factors like the inner sweatband thickness, crown height, and brim width when selecting size. Trying on different styles and sizes will help you determine what works best for you.

How can I make my golf bucket hats last longer?

Follow fabric care instructions to avoid heat/chemical damage. Spot clean regularly to prevent stains from setting. Check that chin straps remain securely sewn to avoid blowing away on windy days.

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