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Rory McIlroy throws club in anger after bad shot, nearly hits cameraman

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Rory McIlroy throws club in anger after bad shot, nearly hits cameraman

During Sunday's final round of the PGA's Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, golf celebrity Rory McIlroy lost his cool. The 35-year-old was so angry that he threw his golf club back in disgust after misfiring on his drive from the fairway into a water hazard. Unfortunately, McIlroy's club almost struck a cameraman who was merely feet away.


When McIlroy realized what had happened, he reached out to the cameraman and apologized, saying, "Oop! Sorry." After that, he would shoot a dismal round of 76, his lowest score of the competition, and tie for 15th place at +2 overall. The tournament was won by Scottie Scheffler, who hung on for the victory despite shooting a final round of 74.


Rory McIlroy forced to apologise after accidentally throwing club at camera  operator live on TV at Memorial Tournament | The Sun

Rory McIlroy tossed his golf club away in frustration (Image: X/SkySportsGolf)


It was the latest headline-grabbing incident for McIlroy, who filed for divorce from his wife of seven years Erica Stoll just last month on May 13. According to court filings, the marriage was "irretrievably broken." McIlroy even hired a private detective to deliver the divorce documents to Stoll at their Florida joint residence. It was discovered this week that Stoll failed to object to the petition within the 20 days that Florida law required.


Sources say McIlroy had been feeling "lonely" in the marriage as his career required extensive travel. "They were living very different lives the last two years with him being on the road, and eventually she had a breaking point," a source told Us Weekly. McIlroy also admitted to playing the opening round of last month's RBC Canadian Open with a hangover, having had "a couple glasses of wine" the night before to celebrate a friend's birthday.


It's been a challenging period on the personal front for golf superstar McIlroy, whose anger got the best of him during Sunday's final round in Ohio. Lucky for all involved, no serious harm was done in this particular moment of frustration. But these continued headlines will only add to the scrutiny on McIlroy's private life as his divorce from Stoll officially moves forward.



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How did the other golfers react to McIlroy's outburst


Eddie Pepperell's Reaction: Fellow golfer Eddie Pepperell made a lighthearted suggestion that McIlroy's dissatisfaction was more likely to have been caused by his club selection than by his outburst, suggesting that McIlroy's unhappiness was justified.


Supporter Responses: Social media users' opinions on McIlroy's outburst were divided. While some supporters praised the drama and excitement it added to the match, others were critical of McIlroy for losing his cool.


General Reaction: The stories note that McIlroy's outburst was a topic of conversation among golf fans and the media, but they do not include a specific remark or response from another golfer.





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