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Topgolf Brings Unique Sports Entertainment to Ontario, California

Topgolf has opened an exciting new Ontario, California venue offering point-scoring golf games, food and drinks in a lively atmosphere perfect for all skill levels.

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The Exciting New Topgolf Venue in Ontario, California

The popular sports entertainment company Topgolf has brought its unique golfing experience to Ontario, California with the recent opening of its brand new venue. Topgolf Ontario offers fun for all ages and skill levels with point-scoring golf games using microchipped balls and outdoor hitting bays with lounge seating, food, and drinks.

What Makes Topgolf Ontario Unique

Unlike a traditional driving range, Topgolf Ontario in California is equipped with proprietary Toptracer technology to accurately trace the path of golf balls, assigning points for hitting different colored targets. This interactive game brings a competitive and social atmosphere that appeals to experienced golfers and newcomers alike.

With three floors and 102 climate-controlled hitting bays, Topgolf Ontario can accommodate large groups in an upbeat environment with music, televisions, and yard games like cornhole when taking a break from golf. The venue goes beyond sports with its chef-driven menu, full-service bars, and event spaces to host everything from corporate gatherings to birthday parties.

What to Expect at Topgolf Ontario

Visitors to Topgolf Ontario in California can expect a lively and welcoming venue whether they come to play a round of golf or enjoy the atmosphere. Each hitting bay has comfortable seating, your own golf ball supply, game screens, and a personal server to take food and drink orders.

Upon arrival, players will receive a wristband containing an embedded radio frequency identification tag. Inside each golf ball is a microchip sensor that communicates with overhead radar, tracking every shot's distance and accuracy. Depending on where the balls hit the outfield targets ranging from 20 to 215 yards, players earn points that display on the bay's touchscreen.

Up to six players can occupy one bay, making Topgolf Ontario ideal for group outings, company parties, date nights, and family fun. Aside from the point-scoring golf games, there's pop-a-shot basketball, tabletop air hockey, card tables, and more to keep everyone entertained.

Topgolf Venues Offer Year-Round Golf Entertainment

While Topgolf Ontario now provides the Inland Empire region of California with another quality entertainment option, its unique blend of sports and hospitality first began nearly 20 years ago. Topgolf pioneered a new type of golf experience at its initial Dallas, Texas location in 2005, sparking a rapid expansion across the United States and internationally.

Topgolf's Global Success

What started as a novel concept from British twins Steve and Dave Jolliffe has caught on tremendously around the world. Part of Topgolf's appeal is making the game of golf accessible and less intimidating. With venue features like club rental, variable tee heights to suit one's swing, and ball tracking technology, players require no prior golf experience to have fun and perhaps discover a new passion for the sport.

Incorporating target practice games popularized in Asia like Toptracer also helps explain Topgolf's global appeal. Now with over 70 locations across six countries, Topgolf continues attracting players to experience golf in exciting new ways.

Why Topgolf Has Thrived in the Golf Industry

Not only has Topgolf Ontario succeeded by making golf more approachable, but the company has leveraged technology to quantify performance. Seeing their golf ball score points hitting targets of different values and distances is both rewarding and motivational.

Topgolf further engages players through competition using mobile app connectivity. Groups in side-by-side hitting bays or friends golfing at different Topgolf venues can compare scores remotely by logging in to their profile accounts.

Ontario, California joins many other Topgolf locations situated in highly populated metro areas, drawing consistent customer traffic all year long thanks to climate control amenities for booking rain or shine.

Who Will Enjoy Visiting Topgolf Ontario?


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Nearly anyone can have an amazing time during their first or fiftieth visit to Topgolf. From young professionals enjoying after-work happy hour to families with small children taking swings, Topgolf Ontario provides entertainment options for all interests and budgets.

Ideal for Large Group Events

With seating for hundreds of guests at once across two floors, Topgolf Ontario readily accommodates large parties. Visitors have the flexibility to order food and drinks bay-side or visit the main restaurant and bars. Seven event rooms on the third floor also make Topgolf a prime venue choice in California for corporate outings, client entertainment, school field trips, youth tournaments, and more.

Great for All Golfing Abilities

Those brand new to golf may feel intimidated walking onto a traditional course or not know proper swing mechanics. At Topgolf, newbies can grab a driver and simply start hitting balls without judgment. The point system focuses on celebrating even modest achievements to keep novice players encouraged.

But the games' progressive scoring range also engages experienced golfers to hone their accuracy. Between hitting for distance, strategically banking ricochet shots off the range netting, and aiming for the smaller colored targets, even low handicappers stay challenged at Topgolf Ontario.

Private and group lessons are also available from Topgolf certified instructors to help finesse your swing.

Appealing for Nongolfers Too

Visitors need not have any interest in golf at all to enjoy the Topgolf Ontario location. With diverse menu choices like hand-tossed pizzas, poke bowls, smoked brisket, chef-crafted cocktails, and local craft beers, it's as much an inviting restaurant as a golf entertainment venue.

Tabletop games, pop-a-shot contests, music, and televisions in the bays mean there are plenty of off-course activities to keep everyone in a group happy even if they opt out of playing golf.

Planning Your First Visit

Ready to experience all the excitement and entertainment Topgolf Ontario has to offer? Planning your initial trip couldn't be much easier by considering these recommendations:

Check the Venue Hours

Topgolf Ontario opens daily at 10 AM, though closing hours vary by day, ranging from midnight on weekdays to 2 AM on weekends. Booking a bay ahead via phone or is advised since walk-in availability is not guaranteed, especially for larger parties.

Reserve a Hitting Bay

Standard bays accommodate groups of up to six people and come equipped with six clubs, game tablets, seating, climate control, food ordering, and more. Reserving your allotted bay time online in one-hour increments ensures you have a dedicated space for enjoying Topgolf's interactive golf games.

Come Hungry and Thirsty

While bringing outside food is prohibited, Topgolf Ontario offers an extensive food and drink menu perfect for sharing plates, catering group events, or satisfying individual cravings. Moin your first game on an empty stomach since you'll have ample delicious dining options bay-side.

With creative golf simulation, chef-driven fare, full bars, music, and flexible event space, Topgolf Ontario appeals to all ages with a lively atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back. This innovative sports entertainment destination has arrived as the Inland Empire region's new premier venue for group functions or casual nights out.


What types of food and drinks does Topgolf Ontario offer?

Topgolf Ontario in California has an extensive chef-driven menu with sharable plates like flatbreads, nachos, poke bowls and more. They also offer hand-tossed pizzas, smoked meats, and classic pub fare alongside signature cocktails, local craft beers, and wine.

How much does it cost to play at Topgolf Ontario?

Pricing varies by day and time, but expect to pay around $30 per hour for a standard hitting bay that fits up to 6 people. Club rentals and game play per person are included. Food, drinks and some games cost extra beyond the bay reservation fee.

Do I need golf experience or my own clubs to play?

Beginners are welcome and no prior golf experience is necessary. Each hitting bay includes six golf clubs to share and ball dispensing machines. Variable tee platform heights help customize shot distance to your abilities.

Can I reserve Topgolf Ontario for a private event?

Yes, Topgolf has dedicated indoor event space and outdoor covered patio areas for hosting corporate functions, team building activities, client entertaining, birthday parties, and more. Event attendees also receive exclusive venue access.

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