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LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman Interrupts Bryson DeChambeau's Shot on the 15th Hole

LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman Interrupts Bryson DeChambeau's Shot on the 15th Hole

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Greg Norman, CEO of the controversial LIV Golf series, pulled a strange publicity stunt over the weekend that left American star Bryson DeChambeau confused and annoyed.


The incident occurred during round two of the LIV Golf Invitational in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday. DeChambeau was preparing to tee off on the par-3 15th hole when Norman suddenly stormed onto the green uninvited.


Bryson DeChambeau's tee on the 15th hole in Nashville was interrupted. (Image: LIV Golf)


Eye-witness reports say Norman began messing with the flagstick, acting as if he was tending the pin for an upcoming putt. However, DeChambeau was 200 yards back at the tee getting ready to hit his approach shot.


Video footage shows DeChambeau raising his arm quizzically at Norman, apparently wondering what on earth the LIV Golf boss was doing on the putting surface at that moment. It seemed a clear disruption to DeChambeau's pre-shot routine.



Fans behind the tee found the antics entertaining, but DeChambeau did not look best pleased by the unexpected intrusion. It came as he was deep in discussion with his caddie over the shot ahead.


While Norman likely meant it as a lighthearted joke, it was an ill-timed stunt that interfered with an elite player doing his job. The 15th hole had been transformed into a "party hole" with music and games to foster interactions, but storming live action crosses a line.


It's the latest controversial episode for the upstart LIV series, which has disrupted the golfing world with its richer contracts poaching players from the PGA Tour. Norman's impromptu appearance on the green only added fuel to the fire of the ongoing feud between the two circuits.


DeChambeau was unable to salvage par after the distraction and walked away shaking his head, while Norman's bizarre stunt will certainly be the talk of the range ahead of round three.


How do players feel about the 'party hole' concept overall


While fans seem to enjoy the music, games and atmosphere at party holes, this incident suggests at least some players may find it distracting, especially during critical shots.


DeChambeau appeared annoyed by the disruption caused by Norman's stunt while preparing to hit his approach shot. This implies he doesn't appreciate unnecessary distractions during play.


More traditional golf tournaments don't include special "party holes", so players coming from the PGA Tour may not be used to or expecting that style of environment during competition.


Party holes are a new concept pioneered by LIV Golf as it tries to make the sport more "fan friendly". However, increased noise/activity could negatively impact someone's pre-shot routine depending on the player.


Although Greg Norman, the CEO, could think party holes are entertaining for spectators, the players whose performances are really affected might think otherwise about how extravagant the scene gets.


A party hole could provide extra stimulus to some established professional golfers, who are generally quite concentrated during rounds and want to limit extraneous influences.







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