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William Murray Golf: Vintage Style Meets Modern Golf Apparel

William Murray Golf blends vintage design with high performance golf apparel. Shop polos, pants, shorts, outerwear & more from Bill Murray's golf lifestyle brand.

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The Origins of William Murray Golf Apparel

William Murray Golf burst onto the golf apparel scene in 2016, quickly becoming a favorite among golfers for its comfortable, stylish, and unique designs. The brand was founded by brothers Bill and Glenn Murray, along with their friend Mark King.

The Murrays come from an entertainment background, with Bill Murray being the famous actor known for roles in movies like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Lost in Translation. Glenn Murray is a singer-songwriter and actor. Mark King is an entertainment executive who has worked with the likes of Metallica and the Foo Fighters.

Combining Golf, Fashion, and Laidback Style

The idea behind William Murray Golf was to bring the founders' passion for golf together with their expertise in the entertainment and fashion worlds. According to Glenn Murray, "We wanted to combine our backgrounds from the entertainment business with the golf lifestyle we love."

The result is a golf apparel and accessory brand that exudes a relaxed, laidback style perfect for the golf course. The designs manage to be understated yet eye-catching at the same time. As Glenn Murray describes it: "The salt-and-pepper whale is kind of an iconic logo for a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously."

Drawing Inspiration from Classic Golf History

In creating William Murray Golf, the founders drew heavy inspiration from the rich history of golf, bringing in vintage aesthetics that call to mind the golden age of the sport. You can see nods to classic golf design in subtleties like vintage leather patches and homages to legendary golf equipment manufacturers.

This vintage golf style is blended seamlessly with modern fits and textiles, creating apparel that appeals to golf purists and modern fashion lovers alike. The apparel manages to walk the line between timeless and contemporary.

Overview of William Murray Golf Products

William Murray Golf has expanded from a small collection of golf polos and hats to an extensive lineup spanning multiple product categories. Let's take a closer look at some of the brand's offerings when it comes to gearing up for a round of golf.

Polos: The Brand's Bread and Butter

Polo shirts make up the foundation of William Murray's apparel selection. They offer polos an array of stylish prints and color-blocking patterns. These are made with high quality fabrics selected for both comfort and versatility of wear.

Some of their most popular polos utilize unique fabrics like chambray or vintage washed cotton. Many feature the signature embroidered whale logo.

Pants: Focusing on Fit and Stretch

William Murray's pants selection focuses on comfort, fit, and flexibility of movement - important factors for athletic golf apparel. They use lightweight, breathable fabrics like spandex blends.

Many of their pants incorporate four-way mechanical stretch fabrics that allow for a full range of motion. The fits are designed specifically with golfers' needs in mind.

Shorts and Skirts Optimized for Golf

In terms of shorts and skirts, William Murray offers several golf-friendly options made of moisture wicking and flexible fabrics. This includes flat front shorts showcasing unique patterns and colors.

Their selection includes shorts and skirts specially designed for swing clearance and ease of movement, preventing restrictions during the full golf swing.

Outerwear and Layering

William Murray Golf understands the importance of versatility and layering appropriate to weather conditions for golf apparel. Their outerwear and layering pieces include lightweight wind jackets, weather resistant vests, cardigans, and pullovers.

Many of these pieces incorporate style elements like jacquard knit patterns inspired by famous golf courses and country clubs around the world.

Hats, Gloves, and Accessories

No golf attire is complete without the requisite accessories. William Murray offers a great selection of hats from classic visors to tour caps. All hats bear the William Murray whale logo patch.

Golf gloves in a variety of colors and fits make it easy to find the right grip. Belts, socks, bag tags, ball markers and divot tools round out the accessory collection.

Key Benefits of William Murray Golf Attire

William Murray Golf clothes offer many benefits that make them a top choice for discerning golfers.

Premium Quality and Craftsmanship

The brand places great emphasis on utilizing high end fabrics and construction methods when creating their garments. From the stitching to the fabric blends, quality craftsmanship is a priority.

This quality ensures the longevity and durability demanded by golfers as well as enabling premium comfort and performance.

Flattering and Functional Fits

The fits and style lines of William Murray pieces are carefully engineered based on the physiology and movement patterns of golfers. This makes their clothing extremely comfortable, flattering, and non-restrictive throughout a round.

From woven polos to stretch infused pants, the apparel moves fluidly with golf swings allowing for full freedom of motion.

Moisture Wicking and Breathable Fabrics

William Murray Golf utilizes high tech moisture wicking, breathable fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry. This is crucial when spending hours walking long distances outside in varying weather conditions.

The quick drying, sweat absorbing fabrics help moderate body temperature while preventing clinging moisture and sweat.

Sun Protection and UV Blocking

Many of the fabrics used in William Murray Golf apparel have built-in UV protection and blocking properties. This includes sun protective fabrics with UPF 50 blocking virtually 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Hats and accessories also provide sun blocking through curved brims and UV protective materials.

Where to Shop for William Murray Golf

William Murray Golf clothing and accessories are sold through multiple retail channels. Here is where you can get your hands on their unique golf offerings:

Online via William Murray Golf

The William Murray Golf website is the best place to view and shop their full range of products. Browse polos, pants, shorts, skirts, layering pieces, hats, gloves, and more.

The site provides detailed product imagery, descriptions, size guides and recommendations for easy online shopping.

Select Retailers and Pro Shops

In addition to their webstore, William Murray apparel is stocked at various brick and mortar retailers around the world. This includes popular golf pro shops at premier golf courses and clubs.

You may be able to try on and purchase William Murray pieces in person at your local golf retailer.

Primary Tournament Merchandise Events

As William Murray Golf continues to expand its brand through partnerships with professional golf events and organizations, fans have the opportunity to purchase merchandise in person at tournaments and competitions.

This is a great chance to shop William Murray's latest offerings alongside other popular golf brands.

So there you have an extensive overview of William Murray Golf - the passion project apparel brand from Bill Murray and friends that blends golf style with laidback comfort. With premium construction quality and materials designed specifically for golfers, their products have quickly become favorites on the course, in the clubhouse, and beyond.


Who founded William Murray Golf?

William Murray Golf was founded in 2016 by brothers Bill and Glenn Murray along with their friend Mark King. Bill Murray is the famous actor known for movies like Caddyshack and Groundhog Day. Glenn Murray is an actor and musician. Mark King has worked as an entertainment executive.

Where are William Murray clothes manufactured?

The majority of William Murray Golf apparel is manufactured in China from globally sourced fabrics. The brand conducts routine audits and inspections to ensure factories meet stringent quality, workplace safety, and fair wage standards.

What sizes are available for William Murray Golf clothing?

William Murray Golf offers sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large in their core apparel pieces like polos, pants, and shorts. More limited sizing may be available for select outerwear and accessory pieces. Check individual product listings for full sizing options.

Does William Murray Golf offer custom logo services?

Yes, William Murray Golf provides custom embroidery services for groups, events, corporate clients and more. This includes adding custom logos to polos, hats, golf bags and more (minimums apply). Contact their custom ordering department for details and pricing.

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