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Bodine's 13 Words Spark DeChambeau Masters Magic

Bodine's 13 Words Spark DeChambeau Masters Magic

PINEHURST, N.C. - In a dramatic final round showdown, Bryson DeChambeau pulled off one of the most remarkable shots under pressure to win his second US Open title at Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday.


Trailing Rory McIlroy by a stroke playing the 72nd hole, DeChambeau found himself in dire straits after his third shot sailed way left and ended up in a seemingly impossible greenside bunker lie.


"The lie was one of the worst places I could have been." DeChambeau said after his victory that he gave himself maybe a 4% chance of getting up and down from there.



With the championship seemingly slipping away, DeChambeau took a moment to discuss the situation with his caddie Greg Bodine. In a pressure-packed situation, Bodine offered only 13 simple yet inspiring words: "You got this shot. I’ve seen way harder shots pulled off from you.”


Armed with Bodine's confidence and belief in him, DeChambeau stepped up and conjured perhaps the greatest sand shot of his life. From an outrageous blind lie, he somehow managed to loft the ball out of the bunker, launching it high into the air before it landed softly near the hole and rolled to within 4 feet. “Shot of my life,” DeChambeau said. 


“Oh, man, yeah, I was struggling,” said an elated DeChambeau after draining the par-saving putt to win. “I didn’t know where my game was. I had no idea what was going on. Greg was in a place where he was starting a business. He was in a place where he didn’t know what was going to go on. Some family stuff happened. It was just a weird moment for him and for me. I guess it was fate. The two lives that were in some despair got brought together to make each other better. I feel like that’s what’s happened. He gave me a chance. 


“I said, I don’t know what I’m going to give you. I don’t know what game I have. You may hate what I have, and I might not like the way you caddie. He’s very mellow, somebody that I’ve never — I’ve had a lot of A-type personalities. They’ve worked great; I’ve done very well. But he’s been a special human being for me in my life, getting me to realize what life is about. It’s not just all about golf. He works hard. He’s a diligent worker. Brings the best out of me.”


The champions triumph capped off an emotional comeback journey for both player and caddie. After struggles on and off the course last year, their new partnership has reaped rewards including two LIV event wins and now a major title. Bodine's simple yet impactful words under the utmost pressure proved yet again how important the caddie's calm, encouraging demeanor has been to DeChambeau's resurgence.


With his latest major triumph, cemented with an improbable escape aided by his caddie's confidence, DeChambeau has completed one of the gutsiest wins in US Open history and positioned himself as one of the greats of the game.


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What other significant moments have occurred between Bryson DeChambeau and Greg Bodine


Bryson DeChambeau has found a lot of success on the golf course lately, and a big reason for that has been the man by his side - caddie Greg Bodine. These two have developed an incredible partnership that has led to wins on both the PGA and LIV Tours.


Their LIV play has been especially impressive. At the Greenbrier event last year, Bryson absolutely dominated by shooting a ridiculous 58 in the final round to win by six shots. It was truly spectacular golf. But Bodine has helped guide Bryson to wins on the PGA Tour as well, after Bryson struggled with his confidence and form for a bit.


It's clear these guys work very well together. Bodine actually used to caddie for Tony Finau, another top player, so he clearly knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level. Before joining Bryson, Greg was also an entrepreneur who co-founded an indoor golf facility. So he's no stranger to business ventures off the course either.


Bodine also brings competitive experience as a former collegiate golfer at Biola University. So he understands the mental and physical challenges of playing tournament golf. That knowledge serves him well when advising Bryson week to week.


Part of what's made their team so effective is their dedication to Bryson's swing speed training. Greg has been hugely involved in helping Bryson take his game to new heights through innovative workout methods.


Clearly there's a personal bond between these guys as well. Bryson always talks about how Bodine helped him find his passion for the game again beyond just results. That kind of connection is so important when you're out there battling it out shot for shot.


With Bryson's talent and Greg's expertise and support, it's easy to see why they've found so much success turning pro golf into their own personal playground. Don't be surprised if you keep seeing more trophies in their future.







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