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Leaked Video Catches Trump Gloating About Forcing Biden Out of Presidential Race During A Golf Outing

Last Updated: July, 4 2024
Leaked Video Catches Trump Gloating About Forcing Biden Out of Presidential Race During A Golf Outing

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A newly leaked video has revealed former President Donald Trump gloating about manipulating Joe Biden into quitting the 2024 presidential race.



In the video, filmed surreptitiously during a golf outing, Trump can be heard talking to someone in a golf cart. "He just quit, you know — he's quitting the race," Trump says, referring to President Biden "broken-down pile of crap". "I got him out of the — and that means we have Kamala."


Trump appears confident that with Biden out of the picture, he would instead face Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee. While he acknowledges Harris would be a "better" opponent, he insults her as "so bad" and "so pathetic."


“She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic,” he said, plucking at his gloves, “She’s so fucking bad.”


The leaked footage was obtained by The Daily Beast and shows Trump at a golf club, where he let down his guard, not knowing his conversation was being recorded. He brags about forcing Biden from the race through his debate performance against Biden last week, which received intense criticism.


However, Biden has given no public indication that he intends to withdraw his candidacy. Some Democrats have suggested privately he reassess depending on upcoming events, but the party remains committed to Biden on the ballot for now.


If Biden did exit the race, Harris would automatically replace him as the nominated candidate since she is already his vice presidential running mate. She could inherit Biden's campaign funds and organization rather than another candidate starting from scratch.


Revealed: Trump's hot-mic Biden conversation while sitting in golf cart leaked online

Former U.S. President Donald Trump appears outside the courtroom during his trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments at Manhattan Criminal Court on April 23, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Curtis Means-Pool/Getty Images)


The leaked video provides a rare unfiltered glimpse into Trump's thinking on the 2024 election and his belief that he has wounded Biden to the point of making him abandon the race. It remains to be seen how Biden and Democrats will respond to Trump's leaked gloating about manipulating the electoral situation in his favor.






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