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What Is A Good Golf Score?

Last Updated: July, 9 2024
What Is A Good Golf Score?

Good Golf Scores by Skill Level 


Breaking 100, 90, 80 are usually the benchmarks that signify a golfer is attaining or surpassing a "good" golf score, relative to their skill level and course rating. Of course, continually improving is the ultimate aim for all abilities.


Par Golfer (Beginner to Intermediate)


  • 18-hole course: 90-100 (18-22 over par)
  • 9-hole course: 45-50 (9-11 over par)


Bogey Golfer (Intermediate to Advanced)


  • 18-hole course: 80-90 (8-18 over par)
  • 9-hole course: 40-45 (4-9 over par)


Professional Golfer


  • 18-hole course: 68-72 (2 under par to 2 over par)
  • 9-hole course: 34-36 (1 under par to 1 over par)


The par for a course is the expected number of strokes it should take an expert golfer to complete each hole. Par is usually 70-72 for a regulation 18-hole course.


Good Golf Scores for 9 Holes 


  • For a 9-hole course with a par of 36, a good score is around 40-45 for an average golfer.


  • For a 16 handicap, assuming an average rating and slope, scores under 45 are regarded as good, 45-47 are decent, and scores over 47 are not their best on that hole.


  • For more skilled players, a good 9-hole score is closer to even par or slightly under.



Beginner: 45–54


The average score for beginners is approximately 54. Anything less than 45 would be considered a decent score for a beginner.


Intermediate: 40–45


For intermediate players, a good score is usually 42 or lower. Shooting in the low 40s is considered a good round.


Advanced amateur: 34-40


Advanced golfers should strive to break 40 on 9 holes, which is a great accomplishment for most amateurs. Anything under par 36 is excellent.


Professional: 32–36


Professional and elite amateur golfers frequently shoot in the 30s for nine holes, with scores below par being usual. Pros attempt to break par routinely.


Good Golf Scores for 18 Holes


A good golf score for amateur players is generally around 90-100 on a 18-hole, par 72 course, while pros typically consider a score between 68-72 to be good. For beginners, scoring below 120 is considered a decent performance on the same course.



Beginner: 100-120


Beginners typically score between 120-160 strokes for 18 holes. Shooting under 100 is considered a good score for a beginner.


Intermediate: 90-100


For intermediate players, a good 18-hole score is typically in the 90s. Shooting in the low 90s or breaking 90 is a solid round.


Advanced Amateur: 80-90


Advanced amateurs should aim to shoot in the 80s, with scores under 85 being very good. Breaking 80 is an excellent achievement.


Professional: 68-72


Professional and elite amateur players often shoot in the 60s or low 70s for 18 holes. Scores around par (72) or a few under par are common for pros.


Women Golfers


For women golfers, a score of 90-100 for 18 holes is considered good for recreational play.


The trick is to concentrate on constant improvement while enjoying the game. A "good" golf score is determined by a variety of factors, including course difficulty, handicap, and personal ambitions. The most important thing is to track your development and set attainable goals in order to continue developing your game.


Accounting for Handicaps


  • A handicap is a number that represents a player's golfing ability, or their average score over par.


  • Beginner golfers typically have high handicaps over 20, while average players have handicaps between 11 to 19.


  • Professional golfers and avid players typically have handicaps between 0 to 10.


The secret is to concentrate on making steady progress and having fun with the game. Consider purchasing the appropriate equipment, enrolling in lessons, practicing frequently, focusing on precision, and honing your short game in order to raise your golf score.


How to improve golf score  



1. Focus on the Short Game


The short game (shots within 100 yards of the hole) is where most strokes can be saved. Improving your chipping, pitching, and putting can dramatically impact your scores.


Key Tips:


  • Spend more practice time on the putting green and short game area


  • Work on distance control and accuracy with your wedges


  • Develop a consistent putting stroke and learn to read greens better


2. Improve Ball Striking


Hitting the ball more consistently and accurately off the tee and with your irons is crucial for lower scores. This takes dedicated practice and swing refinement.


Key Tips:


  • Get properly fitted for clubs that match your swing


  • Work with a coach to diagnose and fix swing flaws


  • Develop a reliable swing that produces consistent ball striking


3. Manage the Course Strategically


How you navigate the course and make decisions can significantly impact your score. Developing smart course management skills is important.


Key Tips:


  • Know your yardages and club distances


  • Understand when to play it safe vs. go for it


  • Minimize penalties and lost balls through smart play


4. Practice Efficiently


Practicing the right things in the right way is key. Aimless range sessions won't be as effective as targeted practice.


Key Tips:


  • Use practice drills that simulate on-course situations


  • Focus on your weaknesses, not just your strengths


  • Track your progress and adjust your practice plan


5. Stay Mentally Focused


The mental game is just as important as the physical one. Developing focus, discipline, and confidence can pay big dividends.


Key Tips:


  • Establish pre-shot routines to help you focus


  • Learn to manage nerves and stay composed under pressure


  • Maintain a positive attitude and avoid negative self-talk


Improving your golf score takes time and dedication, but by focusing on these key areas, you can make significant strides in your game. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and keep practicing.




Is 77 A Good Golf Score?


For a beginner, 77 is an outstanding score that indicates growth in their game. For more experienced players, 77 may be considered average or slightly below average, depending on the course difficulty and other factors such as wind speed.


Is 100 A Good Golf Score?


Most golfers consider breaking 100 (legitimately) to be an excellent score. When you can break 100, you’re no longer a beginner.


Is 82 A Good Golf Score?


An 82  is a good score for most players, but it depends on the player's skill level:


For beginners, a score of 82 on an 18-hole, par 72 course is an excellent score . For more experienced amateur players, an 82 is a solid, above-average score. Professional and elite amateur golfers typically aim to shoot scores in the 60s, with 72 being around par.


Is 85 A Good Golf Score?


It’s a no if you are a touring pro, but for your average weekend golfer, on a par-72 course, it's an excellent score.


Is 78 A Good Golf Score?


For the majority of people who play golf, shooting 78 on a regulation golf course is a real accomplishment. 


Is 79 A Good Golf Score?


If you shot a 79 on 9-hole, you still broke 80. You would be proud of a 79 if it were on a par 71 or 72.


Is 80 A Good Golf Score?


If you break 80 you are probably one of the best. Only about 2-5 percent of golfers are able to break 80.


Is 90 A Good Golf Score?


Yes, it’s an excellent score for a beginner. But you also need to look at the slope of the course.


Is 83 A Good Golf Score?


Perhaps not if you have a handicap of 6. However, if your present score is in the 90s or 100s... It undoubtedly sounds like a worthwhile aim to achieve.


Is 84 A Good Golf Score?


A golf score of 84 can be considered a good score, but it depends on the player's skill level


Is 87 A Good Golf Score?


A golf score of 87 can be considered a good score, but it depends on the player's skill level.


Is 70 A Good Golf Score?


Pro golfers typically consider good scores between 69-70 points, so 70 can be considered an excellent score.


Is 76 A Good Golf Score?


A golf score of 76 can be considered a good score, but it depends on the player's skill level.


Is 86 A Good Golf Score?


A golf score of 86 is considered good depending on the player's skill level.


Is 88 A Good Golf Score?


If you are playing off a 15 handicap and earn an 88 on a par 72 course (+1), your score would be considered an average score.


Is 92 A Good Golf Score?


Scores 92 are seen as good for an average golfer.


Is 93 A Good Golf Score?


A golf score of 93 can be considered a good score, but it depends on the player's skill level


Is 94 A Good Golf Score?


94 is a great score for a beginner.

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