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Video of Donald Trump's Awful Golf Shot Goes Viral After Debate

Last Updated: July, 3 2024
Video of Donald Trump's Awful Golf Shot Goes Viral After Debate

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A video showing Donald Trump taking a horrific golf shot has started gaining major traction online following the first presidential debate on Thursday night.


In the video, the president is seen preparing to take a drive from the tee. He sets up for his swing but completely misses making contact with the ball on his first attempt.



Trump then appears frustrated as he reset himself for another shot. On his second swing, he barely makes contact and slices the ball far off target.


The shank and topped drives are exactly the type of embarrassing shots weekend hackers sometimes experience.


Since the raw footage was first posted it has already been viewed and shared widely across social media platforms. Many commenters pointed out the irony of the poor shots coming just hours after a debate performance where Trump struggled at times.


The video serves as another reminder that even high-handicap golf is capable of humbling anyone. And for a POTUS who brags about his golf skills but remains secretive about his scores, it hits even closer to home given the current spotlight on his abilities under pressure.


It remains to be seen if the viral clip will cause Trump any damage ahead of November's election. But golf fans of all political stripes can agree - they've all been there after a bad round.


How did Trump's debate opponents react to the golf shot video


Trump's political opponents, including President Biden, jokingly criticized Trump's golf abilities and called him out after a viral video showed Trump making a terrible shot. During a debate, Trump said Biden "can't hit a ball 50 yards." Biden fired back by saying he'd be happy to have a driving contest with Trump. He also poked fun at Trump's listed height and weight.


Trump dismissed Biden's claim of having a 6 handicap as "the biggest lie" and implied he had seen Biden swing a club, suggesting Biden isn't skilled at golf.


This back-and-forth over their respective golf swings occurred soon after a video of Trump's clumsy stroke went viral. In the wake of the discussion, many conjectured that Trump might have become sidetracked or lost his bearings. Trump and Biden verbally disparaged each other's golf game.







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