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Experience the Excitement of Topgolf in Vibrant Boise, Idaho

With climate-controlled hitting bays, chef-driven menus, and high-tech golf games for all skill levels, Topgolf Boise delivers a uniquely entertaining experience.

Experience the Excitement of Topgolf in Vibrant Boise, Idaho
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Experience the Excitement of Topgolf in Boise

Boise is well-known for its vibrant mix of urban energy and outdoor adventure. And now with the addition of a state-of-the-art Topgolf venue, residents and visitors alike can add competitive golfing fun to the city’s list of premier attractions. blending athleticism with lively social interaction, Topgolf is putting its own unique stamp on entertainment in Idaho’s capital.

What Makes Topgolf Boise Stand Out

The new Topgolf Boise facility builds on the success of over 60 venues around the globe. But make no mistake – this is not your run-of-the-mill driving range. Covering some 65,000 square feet, the three-level structure contains 102 climate-controlled hitting bays outfitted with the company’s exclusive Toptracer ball-tracking technology. So whether you’re a scratch golfer or have never held a club, Topgolf has something to offer all skill levels.

The venue also features an impressive food and beverage menu to keep the good times rolling. With plenty of HDTVs throughout the bays and common areas, visitors can keep up with their favorite teams while challenging friends and family on the golf course. Area corporations and organizations can even privatize the luxury suites for private gatherings and events.

Topgolf Boise Promises Year-Round Fun

Here in Boise, the weather can occasionally get in the way of the best laid plans. But thanks to Topgolf’s enclosed, temperature-controlled environment, the weather is always perfect for golf. So regardless of what Mother Nature has in store outside, visitors can tee it up indoors and have a blast.

The three-level, 102-bay facility has plenty of space to handle both intimate gatherings and major events alike. Whether you’re getting together with a few golf buddies or hosting a major corporate function, the Topgolf Boise complex offers tremendous flexibility.

Games and Technology Enhance the Topgolf Experience

So what exactly is it that draws over 20 million yearly visitors to Topgolf locations around the world? While the comfortable, upscale environment and impressive food and beverage selection certainly don’t hurt, it’s the games powered by exclusive ball-tracking technology that really makes Topgolf tick.

Whether you’re aiming for giant dartboard-like targets in classic Topgolf games like Angry Birds and Jewel Jam, or playing virtual replicas of championship golf courses, Toptracer technology tracks every shot. Instant stats like distance, accuracy and scorekeeping bring an engaging tech element that appeals to all generations. With plenty of HDTVs throughout the hitting bays and common areas, the experience combines sports, vibrant social interaction and friendly competition.

Who Enjoys Topgolf Boise?

With welcoming service, fun games for all ages and skill levels, plus great food and drinks, it’s no wonder Topgolf is one of the fastest-growing entertainment brands around. Here’s a snapshot at some of the many groups embracing the exciting new Topgolf Boise venue:


From scratch players and high-handicappers to those just starting out in the game, golfers love Topgolf’s tech-enhanced practice experience. The point-scoring games reward solid contact versus pure performance, leveling the playing field. Golf purists appreciate the ability to play virtual rounds on meticulously recreated championship courses. And the club rental service allows curious newcomers to try equipment from top brands before buying.

Families & Friends

With plenty of games designed for players of all ages and abilities, Topgolf is ideal for families and groups of friends looking to bond over friendly competition. The multi-level, climate-controlled bays make it easy to customize the experience, whether you’re looking for a relaxed area to socialize or a prime spot to take in the action. And the chef-driven menu means every member of the party will find tasty bites and drinks to suit their tastes.

Sports Fans

What could make viewing a big game even better? Sharing laughs and friendly trash talk over games of your own, of course! With plenty of HDTVs everywhere you look, sports enthusiasts will never miss a minute of the on-field action. And when commercials hit or halftime strikes, grab a club and settle scores with friends before returning to watch the pros do their thing.

Corporate Clients

For Boise-area businesses and organizations looking to host events, team building activities or client entertainment, Topgolf Boise offers unique spaces with plenty of wow factor. The two-story Event Lounges provide panoramic views of the entire venue in an elegant setting outfitted with the latest audio/visual technology. And the five luxury suites on the third floor provide uncommon refinement for corporate gatherings and meetings.

The Topgolf Boise Experience Delivers Fun Times

With a high-tech twist on golf games for all skill levels and ages, impressive food and drinks, plus climate-controlled bays to handle any type of Boise weather, Topgolf presents entertainment unlike anywhere else in the area. Groups large and small will find plenty of activities and amenities to keep the good times rolling hour after hour.

So whether you’re a resident looking for a new form of weekend fun or an out-of-towner in search of a uniquely Boise experience, be sure to check out the excitement at the new Topgolf venue. With 102 climate-controlled bays equipped with exclusive ball-tracking technology across three entertaining levels, plus sports viewing, delicious food and drinks, and event space equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities, Topgolf is putting a fresh new spin on golf that is taking Boise by storm.


What types of technology does Topgolf Boise use?

Topgolf Boise uses advanced Toptracer technology to track every golf ball you hit and provide you with instant feedback on distance, accuracy, and more. This technology powers the various point-scoring golf games available at Topgolf.

Do I need golf experience to enjoy Topgolf Boise?

Absolutely not! Topgolf Boise offers games suited for every skill level, from beginners to advanced golfers. No golf experience is required, just come ready to have fun competing with friends and family.

What food and drinks does Topgolf Boise offer?

Topgolf has a full-service kitchen and bar offering a chef-driven menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts alongside a robust drink menu including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Can I host a private event at Topgolf Boise?

Yes, Topgolf Boise has private event space including luxury suites and event lounges outfitted with audio/visual technology that can accommodate both corporate and personal events.

How late is Topgolf Boise open?

As an entertainment destination designed for nightlife fun, Topgolf Boise stays open late—usually until midnight or later on weekends.

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