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Michael Jordan Gets Revenge on PGA Star Xander Schauffele in Golf Match

Michael Jordan Gets Revenge on PGA Star Xander Schauffele in Golf Match

Pro golfer Xander Schauffele of the PGA Tour saw firsthand that Michael Jordan's renowned competitive spirit endures—even on the greens.


Schauffele, the recent PGA Championship winner, was talking trash while taking an early lead against Jordan in a casual round. But as he told former pro Cole Knost, that's when his round started going downhill.


Xander Schauffele was a wire-to-wire winner at Valhalla CREDIT: Getty Images/Andrew Redington


"I really laid into MJ and started talking some smack after I took the lead on a few holes," Schauffele recalled. "But then he just got real quiet and focused up."


That intense focus paid off for Jordan in a big way. With three holes to go, Air Jordan struck back-to-back birdies without getting any free shots on those holes.


"He drained two in a row on 15 and 16 just to rub it in," Schauffele said with a laugh. "And there was nothing I could do but tip my cap."


Even at age 60, when push comes to shove Jordan still finds a way to win. Knost wasn't surprised, knowing MJ's history of gutting out victories under pressure. It was yet another reminder that Michael Jordan will take any opportunity to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, no matter the stage.



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What other well-known golfers has Michael Jordan competed against?


Sergio Garcia: In 1999, Garcia and Jordan competed in a sham race at St. Andrews Golf Course, with Garcia winning the sprint.


Tiger Woods: In 2013, Jordan asked Woods to attend his wedding celebration at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club.


Richard Esquinas: In 1991, while playing golf with Jordan, the businessman revealed that they had lost $1.25 million in ten days.


Other professional golfers: Jordan has faced off against a number of other pros at his private course, Grove XXIII, sometimes known as "Slaughterhouse 23," where he is known for his aggressive betting practices and enormous stakes.


Michael Jordan. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational


What were some of Michael Jordan's most memorable trash talk moments on the golf course?


Jordan birdied holes 15 and 16 without using any strokes, leaving Xander Schauffele shocked. Schauffele was initially proud of his performance, but the surprising conclusion was mostly owing to Jordan's exceptional chipping and putting ability.


Ryan Whitney's trash talk: Jordan defeated Whitney over 34 holes of a round of golf. Whitney recalled Jordan's first comment of the day: "That's right, bitch." As they approached hole 36, Whitney finished first, only to lose the hole. Jordan taunted, "A scratch golfer... Bitch, you couldn't scratch my wife's ass. I just left. I just paid him 10 grand and left." Whitney was left puzzled, "I was like, 'What planet am I on right now?'".


J.R. Smith, "Trash Talking," recounted the biggest insult Michael Jordan ever directed at him while he was playing golf. It is mentioned that Jordan's trash language was especially memorable, however no specifics are given.


Trash Talking Ryan Whitney (Again): Whitney recounted a round where he and Jordan were neck and neck through 35 holes. Jordan beat Whitney on the 36th hole and then dropped some all-time trash talk on him, saying, "That's right, bitch." After winning the match on 18 and taking $10 from Whitney, Jordan added, "A scratch golfer? Bitch, you couldn't scratch my wife's ass."





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