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Sunday Swagger Golf: The Rise of a Bold, Inclusive Movement

Sunday Swagger golf is bringing a relaxed, athletic vibe to the links. Learn about the origins, culture, and future of this bold, inclusive golf movement.

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The Rise of Sunday Swagger Golf

Golf has long been associated with country clubs, stiff collars, and weekend warriors looking to unwind on the links. But over the past few years, a new golf movement has been on the rise - Sunday Swagger golf. This more casual take on the gentleman's game is appealing to a younger, hipper demographic who want to have fun on the course without taking things too seriously.

The Origins of Sunday Swagger Golf

Sunday Swagger golf can trace its origins to the late 2010s when a few apparel startups like Malbon Golf and Greyson Clothiers started making clothes that brought a more laidback, athletic vibe to the game. Bright colors, modern fits, and cheeky slogans distinguished these garments from the staid polos and khakis typically worn on the course.

This movement really took off on social media, where young golf influencers started rocking Sunday Swagger outfits on the course and sharing photos under hashtags like #sundayswagger. Brands like Malbon and Greyson tapped into this organic content creation by sending clothes to popular golf personalities on Instagram and TikTok. Their unique styles earned attention and followers, catalyzing the Sunday Swagger golf trend.

The Sunday Swagger Golf Lifestyle

At its core, Sunday Swagger golf is about having a relaxed, fun time on the course. It brings a youthful spirit and inclusive vibe to a game often associated with exclusivity and rigid etiquette. Sunday Swagger golfers prioritize good times over perfect scores and aren't afraid to crank up the tunes or crack open a cold one on the tee box.

The clothes also reflect this casual mindset. In addition to polos and bottoms from brands like Malbon and Greyson, Sunday Swagger outfits feature joggers, hoodies, snapbacks, and other athletic and streetwear styles you wouldn't see on the course a decade ago. Vibrant patterns and colors add flair, with psychedelic prints and bold color-blocking being popular options.

Golfers embracing the Sunday Swagger lifestyle also tend to favor modern equipment and technology to track their play. This includes GPS rangefinders, electronic scorecards, launch monitors to analyze swing metrics, and stabilizer putters. Social media apps like Strava and 18Birdies further let them share their on-course escapades.

Where to Spot Sunday Swagger Golf

Certain courses around the U.S. have become hotspots for Sunday Swagger golfers to congregate and strut their stuff. Topgolf, with its music and party-like atmosphere, provides a perfect backdrop. Other notable Sunday Swagger courses include The Goat Hill Park Golf Course in Oceanside, California, Chambers Bay Golf Course near Tacoma, Washington, and Bethpage State Park's Black Course in Farmingdale, New York.

Driving ranges and entertainment complexes like Topgolf have also embraced Sunday Swagger vibes with DJs, outdoor bars, and lively events like Neon Night. Special tournaments like the LPGA's Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions and the PGA Tour's Waste Management Phoenix Open now feature concerts and pool parties to complement the golf action.

In addition to courses, Sunday Swagger golf fashion and culture get exposure on the Instagram accounts and TikTok profiles of golf influencers like @smyliekaufman, @max__homa, and @golfbeerandbogies. Brands embracing the movement also showcase the latest Sunday Swagger gear on their social channels.

The Importance of Inclusion

A big part of Sunday Swagger's ethos is promoting inclusion and diversity in golf. This includes welcoming women, juniors, minorities, and other groups often underrepresented on the course and in the sport at large. Brands like Malbon Golf, Greyson Clothiers, and new companies like Melin actively spotlight female golfers rocking Sunday Swagger style.

PGA Tour pros like Harold Varner III and Joseph Bramlett have also talked about the importance of creating a more inclusive environment both on tour and at golf courses around the country. Grow the Game grants and youth golf initiatives are aiming to make the sport accessible and welcoming to all backgrounds.

Is Sunday Swagger Just a Fad?

Some longtime golf traditionalists dismiss Sunday Swagger as merely a passing fad. But plenty of evidence suggests it represents an evolution of golf culture, particularly regarding self-expression, inclusion, and fun. Golf participation among younger demographics had been lagging until Sunday Swagger came along and made the game appealing again through modern, athletic styles.

Major brands like Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade have taken notice, collaborating with Sunday Swagger labels on limited-edition shoes, golf bags, headcovers, and other equipment. PGA Tour pros like Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth frequently sport Sunday Swagger gear at tournaments, reflecting golf's changing landscape.

With brands continuing to expand their Sunday Swagger offerings and influencers attracting more followers, the movement shows no signs of slowing down. Golf is poised to shed some of its stuffy reputation thanks to this infusion of youthful energy and style.

The Future of Sunday Swagger Golf

If early momentum is any indication, Sunday Swagger golf will likely continue rising in popularity and changing golf's image in the coming years. Here are some possible developments to watch for.

More Inclusive Golf Spaces

As Sunday Swagger spreads, expect to see more golf courses, driving ranges, and entertainment venues embrace modern styles and create welcoming environments. Topgolf has already proven this formula's success, and similar inclusive golf concepts focused on fun will likely emerge around the country.

Continued Apparel Innovation

Apparel startups will keep pushing the envelope with new Sunday Swagger gear optimized for athletic performance and bold style statements. Expect smaller cuffs, stretchier fabrics, modern camo prints, and brighter colors. Major brands will also drop limited-edition Sunday Swagger collections with top influencers and pros.

Beyond the Course

Sunday Swagger's influence on golf fashion will also spread beyond the course. Many polos, joggers, hats, and shoes in the movement can seamlessly transition from the links to everyday wear. As styles keep evolving, expect to see Sunday Swagger looks more regularly out at bars, concerts, or strolling city streets.

A New Generation Takes the Reins

As millennials and Gen Zers embrace Sunday Swagger, golf will continue skewing younger. This new generation will likely take leadership roles in golf companies, course management, and the sport's major organizations. Their input could accelerate innovations that make golf more fun, digitally engaged, and open to all.

In many ways, Sunday Swagger golf represents a societal shift as much as a fashion trend. The growth of this movement highlights golf's increasing diversity and willingness to change with the times. It's an exciting evolution to watch, both on and off the course. So pull out your brightest polo, tune up the Bluetooth speaker, and embrace golf's swagger-filled future.


What is Sunday Swagger golf?

Sunday Swagger golf is a movement bringing a more relaxed, athletic, and inclusive vibe to the traditionally stuffy golf scene. It features modern clothing styles, a focus on fun over scores, and a mission to make golf welcoming to all.

Where did Sunday Swagger golf originate?

Sunday Swagger golf first emerged in the late 2010s thanks to apparel startups like Malbon Golf and Greyson Clothiers making non-traditional golf attire. It spread through social media with golf influencers embracing the new styles.

What clothes typify Sunday Swagger style?

Bright, color-blocked polos, joggers, hoodies, snapbacks, and other athletic/streetwear represent Sunday Swagger fashion. Psychedelic prints and vibrant colors differentiate it from traditional golf garb.

What kinds of golfers embrace Sunday Swagger?

Younger demographics like millennials and Gen Zers have been early Sunday Swagger adopters. It also appeals to women and juniors looking for a more fun, inclusive golf experience.

Is Sunday Swagger golf just a passing fad?

Major brands embracing Sunday Swagger styles and pros like Rickie Fowler sporting the look suggest it's more than a fad. With golf participation rising among younger players, Sunday Swagger likely represents a larger shift in golf culture.

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