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Brooks Koepka's Drop Comes Under Scrutiny at LIV Golf Houston

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Brooks Koepka's Drop Comes Under Scrutiny at LIV Golf Houston

During the first round of the LIV Golf Invitational in Houston, four-time major champion Brooks Koepka became embroiled in a rules dispute on the par-5 fourth hole.


Koepka took his drop and proceeded with his next shot after his tee shot found itself in the water to the left of the green. But after watching the LIV broadcast again, some are wondering if Koepka's putt was made in the correct spot in accordance with the rules of golf.


The video shows Koepka attempting to drop the ball multiple times before it would stay in place for his shot. Under Rule 14.2e, if a ball does not come to rest on its original spot after two attempts at replacement, the player must find the nearest spot where the ball will lie at rest that is not nearer the hole.


“If the player tries to replace a ball but it does not stay on its original spot, the player must try a second time. If the ball again does not stay on that spot, the player must replace the ball by placing it on the nearest spot where the ball will stay at rest, but with these limits depending on where the original spot is located: The spot must not be nearer the hole and the nearest spot must be in the general area. Failure to do so, playing the ball from a wrong place, is in breach of Rule 14.2, which is a two-stroke penalty.”


Some observers have argued Koepka's final drop location may have been marginally closer to the hole in violation of this rule. However, given that Koepka was having issues with the ball rolling after multiple attempts, he was likely trying to find the nearest valid spot as required.


Koepka would go on to make bogey on the hole. Due to the new stance LIV Golf has taken to not use Rules officials during tournaments, there was no official review of the drop on site.


The video clip was released on the league's official Twitter account, maybe inadvertently fueling questions about Koepka's departure. Koepka, a former top-ranked golfer and major champion, is known for his strict adherence to the rules.



It remains to be seen if the drop will be further scrutinized after the fact. For now, Koepka continues his first LIV event outside of Portland with this minor rules controversy in his rear-view mirror during the tournament in Houston.


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How did Brooks Koepka's playing partner, Patrick Reed, influence the decision-making process during the rules incident?


Brooks knew he needed help interpreting where to drop from his playing partner, Patrick Reed. As someone who's been through rules controversies before, Patrick was the perfect person for Brooks to lean on.


The two discussed exactly where the ball crossed into the water to determine the proper drop zone. After chatting it over, they agreed the best spot was right on the edge of the bank between the water and putting surface. This ensured Brooks stayed legal under the rules.


But when Brooks took his drop twice, Murphy's law struck as the ball rolled straight back into the pond both times. Patrick reminded him that he could replace it twice by the rules.


Even with that guidance, Brooks struggled on his third try as the ball kept shifting from its intended spot. That's where Patrick's expertise really came in handy. He advised Brooks on zeroing in on the closest lie that wouldn't move and wasn't any nearer to the cup.





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