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Srixon Golf Ball Guide: Which Model Suits Your Game Best?

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Srixon Golf Ball Guide: Which Model Suits Your Game Best?

Srixon offers a wide range of golf ball models to suit players of all abilities and budgets. The ideal Srixon ball depends on your swing speed and what areas of your game you want to improve. Their premium Z-Star line tops the range. 


1. Srixon Z-Star & Srixon Z-Star XV


The premium Z-Star line is recommended for faster swingers seeking added distance off the tee along with short game spin. The original Z-Star provides a soft feel with control, while the Z-Star XV is designed for maximum ball speed. 


The flagship Z-Star retails for $49.99 per dozen. Featuring a large rubber core and soft 0.6mm urethane cover, it offers a smooth feel with control. Its successor, the Z-Star XV at the same $49.99 price, upgrades to a thinner 0.5mm cover for maximum ball speed.




2. Srixon Z-Star Diamond


Offering a hybrid, the Z-Star Diamond creates the most greenside spin but still boosts distances.


Bridging the gap is the Z-Star Diamond at $49.99. It takes the firm 102 compression of the XV but matches the Z-Star's thicker cover for enhanced greenside spin. “The Z-Star Diamond is our highest-spinning ball on approach shots.” says Srixon's Jeff Brunski, “It’s for someone who is a better player who wants to hold a firm, fast green. For someone who says to himself, ‘I’m a good player and I’m hitting a 7-iron in, I want to hold this green.’”


“Depending on how you would prioritize performance, off the tee with low spin go with the XV.” “On approach shots with high spin, go with the Diamond.”



3. Srixon Q-Star Tour


Recreational players will find the Q-Star Tour, with its soft urethane cover, an affordable option that comes close to Z-Star performance. It allows wedges to grab effectively for spin. Those on a tighter budget should consider the two-piece Q-Star, enhanced with a spin-generating coating to boost short game prowess.


The Q-Star Tour at $39.99 adopts the three-piece urethane covered construction of the Z-Stars. Despite a softer 74 compression, Brunski labels it "one of the best values" for still replicating premium ball feel.



“To me, the Q-Star Tour is one of the best deals on the market,” Brunski said. “You’re getting that urethane cover at a discount.” He then added, “I think there are players, like me, a bogey golfer, that Q-Star Tour will almost start to look indistinguishable from the Z-Star if you are not good enough to exploit those differences.”


4. Srixon Q-Star


A popular choice for mid-handicappers, the Q-Star balances feel, distance and spin attributes. The two-piece construction keeps costs down versus urethane balls. 


Those on a tighter budget will find value in the two-piece Q-Star. Costing $27.99 per dozen, its Surlyn cover gains extra short game bite from a special coating. 



5. Srixon SoftFeel


Finally, weekend duffers will enjoy the soft compression and feel of the entry-level SoftFeel model.


Recreational duffers can experience soft compression from the two-piece SoftFeel, the most affordable at $22.99.



Extensive testing and analysis provides insights into which Srixon ball best optimizes your specific needs off the tee, into greens and around the velvet. With competition stiff across the industry, Srixon's diverse portfolio ensures every golfer can find their perfect ball match.


Which Srixon best flatters specific swing traits, scoring zones, and financial constraints? There is an option for all ability and budget combinations.


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Which Srixon golf ball is best for beginners


The best Srixon golf ball for beginners would be the SoftFeel ball.


SoftFeel has the lowest compression rating of all Srixon balls at just 60. Low compression produces a softer feel at impact which is ideal for slower swing speeds of beginners.


Its two-piece construction with Surlyn cover keeps the cost very affordable at $22.99 per dozen. Beginners don't need to spend a lot as their game develops.


The soft compression promotes mid-to-high launch with reduced spin off the tee. This helps beginners hit more accurate shots that don't curve as much in the air.


While not as focused on short game spin as higher-end balls, the SoftFeel still offers enough spin for approach shots and pitches for new players learning greenside play.

The soft feel gives beginners confidence at impact as they are still building swing techniques. Harsher feeling balls can discourage new players.


It is recommended as one of the best golf balls for beginners in 2024, along with options from Wilson, Callaway, and Titleist.


At its low price point, the SoftFeel is forgiving to use as a beginner inevitably loses some balls as their skills progress.






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