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Titleist Unveils Updated Golf Ball Lineup for 2024

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Titleist Unveils Updated Golf Ball Lineup for 2024

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Titleist, the top golf ball brand on the PGA Tour, has released an updated product lineup as players prepare for the 2024 season. The brand remains the most used on the PGA Tour, with its balls chosen by the majority of top professionals.


While the highly popular Pro V1 and Pro V1x models received only subtle tweaks in recent years and weren't changed for 2024, Titleist made some refinements to other balls in its portfolio.


The brand has seven golf balls available at retail heading into 2024. The Pro V1, Pro V1x and recently added Pro V1x Left Dash remain Titleist's premium offerings designed to deliver top-tier performance for skilled players. According to Titleist, these three balls would be suitable for most golfers' games if cost was not a consideration.


However, Titleist recognizes that price point is important for many amateur players. To address various skill levels and budgets, the company offers four additional models - the AVX, Tour Soft, Velocity and TruFeel. Each of these balls is engineered with a specific player type in mind at a lower price compared to the Pro V1 line.



Situated at the top of Titleist's portfolio are the Pro V1, Pro V1x and recently added Pro V1x Left Dash. As Titleist's longest-running and highest-performing models, these three balls continue to carry a recommended retail price of $54.99 per dozen.


The Pro V1 utilizes a three-piece construction consisting of a soft gradient core enclosed by a firm mantle layer and soft urethane cover. Meanwhile, the Pro V1x features a four-piece dual-core design for lower spin off the tee. The Pro V1x Left Dash caters specifically to better players seeking reduced spin for maximum distance gains.


Titleist Pro V1


Titleist Pro V1x


Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash


Offering a more affordable premium option, the newly-updated AVX receives an even softer (.030" thick), urethane cover to better facilitate greenside spin. Though boasting the same 80 compression as prior versions, the felt impact should be plusher off the clubface. At $49.99 per dozen, the AVX undercuts the Pro V1 models by $5.


Titleist AVX


The Tour Soft remains a two-piece ionomer-covered ball but with an enlarged 346-dimple pattern said to improve wind resistance. Coming in at $39.99 per dozen, the Tour Soft saves $15 versus Titleist's top-tier offerings.


Titleist Tour Soft


For straight distance chasing, the Velocity maintains its oversized 1.55" LSX core inside a durable Surlyn cover. Priced at $29.99 per dozen, the Velocity delivers exceptional speed for the price point.


Titleist Velocity


Rounding out the lineup is the TruFeel ionomer-covered distance ball enhanced with a softer "TruTouch" core. Available for $24.99 per dozen, the TruFeel aims to provide maximum value for mid-handicappers.


Titleist TruFeel


By testing each model, golfers can determine the right Titleist ball blend of performance and budget for their specific swings heading into the 2024 campaign.


Which Titleist golf ball is best for improving distance


Titleist Velocity: This is Titleist's outright distance ball. It features a massive 1.55 inch LSX core which allows it to generate the highest ball speeds and distances off the tee and with longer irons. The Velocity sacrifices some control around the greens compared to other Titleist balls, but it excels at delivering extra yards. 


Titleist Tour Soft: With its enlarged gradational core, the Tour Soft is designed to provide golfers with more ball speeds and therefore distance. While not quite as extreme as the Velocity, Tour Soft still offers very good distance potential but with better versatility than the Velocity thanks to its ionomer cover. 


Titleist Pro V1x: Of Titleist's premium urethane-covered balls, the Pro V1x typically flies the highest Launch angles and generates the most ball speed and distance, making it a good choice for maximizing carry. Its dual-core design helps reduce spin for added yards. 


Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash: For golfers with higher swing speeds seeking even lower spin than Pro V1x for extra yards, the Pro V1x Left Dash would be the choice since it lowers spin further off the tee and with longer clubs.


What are the key differences between the Titleist Tour Soft and AVX



Tour Soft is a two-piece ball with an ionomer cover

AVX is a three-piece ball with a urethane cover



Tour Soft has a softer, more muted feel due to its ionomer cover

AVX has a slightly softer feel than Pro V1 thanks to its thicker urethane cover



Tour Soft produces less spin than AVX, both off the tee and with irons/short game

AVX's urethane cover facilitates mid-high spin for short game control



Tour Soft has a lower, longer flight with less curve off the tee

AVX launches higher and flights with more spin/curve



Tour Soft is geared more toward outright distance

AVX balances distance and short game performance



Tour Soft is $10 cheaper than AVX at $39.99 per dozen

AVX is $49.99 per dozen





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