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Tennessee Men's Golf Finishes 10th at NCAA Championships

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Tennessee Men's Golf Finishes 10th at NCAA Championships

What a season it was for the Tennessee men's golf team. They showed so much heart finishing 10th overall at the NCAA Championship.


It was definitely not the start they wanted though - after day one they were near the back of the pack in 24th. But these guys didn't give up. They kept grinding over the next two rounds, steadily moving up the leaderboard with their solid play.


Tennessee men’s golf. Photo via Brennan Webb on X.


When it came time for the final 18 holes of stroke play, UT put together one of their best rounds. Just missed cracking the top eight and advancing though. Still, coach Brennan Webb has gotta be pumped - a top ten finish is the school's best result in over 40 years!


A few of the Vols really stepped up. Bryce Lewis was on fire, shooting under par twice. Jake Hall came through in the clutch too. And did Evan Woosley-Reed light it up or what with that beauty of an eagle on the season's final hole?


"I couldn't be more proud of this team and what they have fought for this year and how much they fought through a bunch of adversity, how much they have grown as a team and individually," head Coach Brennan Webb said in a release. “They never stopped fighting, even all the way through today. We have been written off a bunch of times. We were written off after the first round. We were certainly written off in January. These guys, they just never stopped fighting and they kept going all the way to the end.”


Sure, falling just short was a bummer. But you gotta admire how these guys battled adversity all year under Coach Webb. He's really building something special here. With young talent like this, Tennessee golf is looking strong for years to come. These boys should feel proud rocking that Orange pride.




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Tennessee men's golf has concluded its historic 2023-24 season with a 10th-place finish at the NCAA Championships.

— The Daily Beacon (@UTKDailyBeacon) May 31, 2024

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