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New York Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner Discovers the High Cost of Golf

New York Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner Discovers the High Cost of Golf

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New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner, coming off a stellar rookie season where he was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, is getting his first taste of just how expensive the game of golf can be.


Gardner first took up golf last April when he participated in an alumni outing for his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati. While still very new to the game, video from the event showed Gardner displaying an eagerness to learn the basics of the sport.



Over a year later, Gardner has apparently developed a serious addiction to golf. On Wednesday, he tweeted that playing golf is "the only thing I've ever been addicted to." Just a few minutes later though, Gardner sent out another tweet that shed some light on why the game can drain one's bank account.



"Golfing also very expensive. Paying $54.99 for some golf balls just to play 18 holes and lose them all" Gardner exclaimed on Twitter. With Pro V1s and other top balls in that $50-60 range per dozen, losing balls adds up quickly - especially for a beginning golfer still getting the hang of it.



As it turns out, TaylorMade Golf actually produces a ball with Gardner's likeness on it. Either Gardner wasn't getting these special edition balls for free, or he truly understands the value of each ball at the pro shop counter.



Regardless, the episode served as a lesson for Gardner on conserving his balls - at least until his game improves. Some friendly advice for the Jets star would be to start with more affordable balls like TopFlites and not worry as much about losing the high-end balls early on.



In a funny twist, Masters champion Bryson DeChambeau caught wind of Gardner's golf tweeting and extended an offer to help improve his game. On Thursday, DeChambeau invited Gardner for a lesson, tweeting "LMK when you want to come on the channel for a lesson, we'll get you dialed in" What began as a new hobby has now led to Gardner receiving tips from one of the game's best players.



So while golf may be draining Gardner's wallet temporarily, it's gained him notoriety and could help take his game to new heights. But for now, Sauce Gardner has learned the hard way - golf, as with many hobbies, isn't always cheap.






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