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Tiger Woods Ready to Prove Himself Once Again at US Open

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Tiger Woods Ready to Prove Himself Once Again at US Open

Pinehurst, NC - Tiger Woods arrives at the 2024 US Open feeling optimistic and with something to prove. Woods, who has battled numerous injuries in recent years, tees it up this week at Pinehurst No. 2 seeking his first tournament victory since 2020.


Woods expressed his excitement to be playing the US Open again at Pinehurst, a course where he has found success in the past including a runner-up finish in 2005. 


“It’s great to be back,” he said. “I love U.S. Opens. I love the tests of U.S. Opens. I’ve had a little bit of success here back in ’99 and 2005. I’m looking forward to this week and getting it underway.”


He scouted the course last week in preparation and came away impressed with its firm, fast conditions which will provide a stern test for all players.


"Nothing can simulate what we have here this particular week, the amount of little shots and the knobs and run-offs, and either using wedges or long irons or woods around the greens or even putter." Woods said. He expects scoring to be extremely challenging as the Bermuda grass hardens and dries out over the week. Woods predicted this could be one of the US Opens where the lowest score after day one may stand as the tournament leader.


“It has that look and feel that this could be one of the Opens where whatever the leading score is, that’s probably as low as we’ll ever go after the first day,” he said.


An important change for Woods this year is the addition of a new coach - his 15-year-old son Charlie. Tiger expressed full confidence in Charlie's ability to analyze his swing and game, noting Charlie has seen him hit more balls than anyone. Charlie accompanied his father on the practice range at Augusta National and will be an invaluable extra set of eyes for Woods this week at Pinehurst.


Tiger Woods rolled putts on the seventh green during a practice round on Tuesday while his son Charlie closely watched his stroke.


“I trust him with my swing and my game,” Tiger said. “He’s seen it more than anybody else in the world. He’s seen me hit more golf balls than anyone. I tell him what to look for, especially with my putting. He gave me a couple little side bits today, which was great, because I get so entrenched in hitting certain putts to certain pins, I tend to forget some of the things I’m working on.


“We have a great relationship and rapport like that, and it’s a wonderful experience for both of us.”


While Woods has shown promise with some solid performance and made cuts lately, he acknowledged he is looking to prove he can string four good rounds together and contend deep into the weekend. His last top finish was at the 2020 Masters. "I feel like I have the strength to be able to do it. It's just a matter of doing it," Woods stated. “This golf course is going to test every single aspect of your game, especially mentally, and just the mental discipline that it takes to play this particular golf course, it’s going to take a lot.


“We’ve been working on that and making sure that I understand the game plan and can be ready in two more days.”


The stage is set for Woods to possibly etch another memorable chapter in his storybook career. After months of preparation with Charlie and diligent practice, this week will show if Woods' optimism is well founded as he takes on the challenging test of Pinehurst and aims to prove he remains a factor in major championships. Round 1 tee times on Thursday will provide the first insight into whether Woods' game is ready to contend once again.


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What unique perspectives does Charlie bring to Tiger's training sessions?


Tiger is really hoping his son Charlie can bring a fresh element to his coaching as he works to get back to the top. At just 15 years old, Charlie doesn't have all the baggage of being a pro for so long like his dad.


Tiger has loved being part of the tour for decades. But now at this stage of his career, all those expectations and pressures can start to feel heavy, and Charlie will take the weight off in a way.


He looks at Tiger's swing with new eyes, without all the noise of crowds and TV cameras in his head. Sometimes you just need someone to tell it to you straight when you can't see the forest for the trees anymore. That's where Charlie comes in.


Plus the kid isn't afraid to give an honest opinion. He just wants to help Dad, not make himself look good in front of the other coaches.


To play in the biggest events alongside a legend like Tiger, with all that attention - it's incredible Charlie doesn't crack under the heat. That mental fortitude rubs off on Tiger as he battles back from injury.


Tiger also sees it as a benefit to watch Charlie develop his own style. The youngster experiments with new techniques that could spark ideas for Tiger to tweak in his own game. It's like adding fresh ingredients to the recipe.


Most of all, Charlie's support means everything. His belief in his pops recharges Tiger's batteries. Family is what makes the long grind worth it. With Charlie by his side, Tiger feels he can take on any challenge ahead.






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