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What are your favorite golf memes? Let’s have a laugh!

Last Updated: July, 2 2024
What are your favorite golf memes? Let’s have a laugh!

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Golf is a sport known for its traditions and adherence to etiquette, but even the most serious players appreciate a good laugh now and then. As with any beloved pastime, golf has generated plenty of inside jokes, parodies and meme tropes over the years that resonate with players of all skill levels. Whether it’s dancing creatures celebrating hole-in-ones, underwhelming drives mocked with gifs or mishaps soundtracked by Yakety Sax, golf memes bring levity to the links and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously even when chasing that tiny white ball. In the spirit of enjoying the silly side of our sport, here are some of the golf memes that have had us chuckling through our collections of bogeys and doubles.




















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With a background in digital media and a passion for golf culture, Emily scours the internet and PGA/LPGA tour circuits for the most entertaining, shocking, and bizarre stories about professional golfers. She is skilled at curating viral golf content, from Instagram antics to tournament controversies, and turning them into shareable, humorous articles. Her readers appreciate her ability to find the fun and humor in the world of elite golf.

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