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Veteran Golfer's Mark Brooks Concerns about PGA-LIV Divide Causing 'Chaos' in Golf

Last Updated: July, 8 2024
Veteran Golfer's Mark Brooks Concerns about PGA-LIV Divide Causing 'Chaos' in Golf

Former PGA Champion Mark Brooks is worried about the state of professional golf these days. As the 1996 winner, Brooks has seen a lot over his career, but he says the current landscape is really troubling.



“I do think it’s absolutely chaos. I think putting pieces back together, putting humpty dumpty back on the wall, it’s going to be pretty tough,” Brooks said. “Guys don’t want to come back. They don’t have a desire to come back.” The emergence of this Saudi-backed LIV Tour has really thrown things into disarray, in his view. All the big names jumping ship is fracturing the sport.


Trying to mend fences between the PGA and LIV seems almost impossible at this point. Both sides have dug in with their positions. Brooks thinks it could be permanent now - golf may never fully come back together competitively.


You can see the impact on tour fields already, he says. Some events are really missing their top guys now. But lower down, it might open more chances for guys. Brooks jokes that an old vet like him might sneak a win.


Still, losing over 60 of the top 70 players is no small thing. Brooks believes in his heart it diminishes the product. And the PGA can't compete dollar-wise with the insane contracts LIV is throwing around.


Unless something drastic changes, Brooks worries professional golf may never be the same. The competition is not as strong. The rivalries are not as deep. In his view, it's a real shame for the sport he loves. I sure hope they can find their way back from this divide.


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What are the main reasons players are choosing LIV Golf over the PGA Tour?


  • Money - LIV Golf is offering massive signing bonuses and guarantees that dwarf what players can earn on the PGA Tour. Some contracts are worth well over $100 million.


  • Schedule/Format - LIV Golf events are shorter (54 holes) and have no cut. This is less physically demanding. Plus players only have to play in a handful of events rather than a full season.


  • Team Format - LIV Golf has players compete as part of teams which some find more appealing than individual competition. There are team prizes and events.


  • Ownership Stakes - Top players like Phil Mickelson reportedly received equity stakes in LIV Golf that could be hugely valuable long term.


  • Less Pressure/Rules - LIV Golf has a more laidback atmosphere without the intense scrutiny players face on the PGA Tour. The dress code and conduct rules seem looser.


  • Global Expansion - Players believe LIV Golf will continue expanding internationally and potentially surpass the PGA Tour one day in influence and riches on offer.


  • Feeling Undervalued - Some players felt underappreciated by the PGA Tour after years of participation and success. LIV Golf rewards them financially.




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